Down to 3 with New Leader

<b>Chris Scott</b>, a / U.S. Army All-American was supposed to take a visit to Lincoln, Nebraska last weekend, but canceled that. He was supposed to take a trip to The Swamp (Florida), but that is doubtful. Mr. Scott planned to commit in late January of 2005, but now could it in December of 2004? So what is going on with Chris Scott?

Lovejoy's Chris Scott has been a hot commodity for about two years now. He is one of the top offensive line prospects in all the country. It was down to five schools at the beginning of the season. It was Florida, Georgia, LSU, Nebraska and Tennessee. As of Wednesday, December 15, 2004, Scott has decided not to visit Nebraska and odds are he will not trip to Florida in January. This leaves three schools to choose from. What is on the mind of Chris Scott right now?

"I still like Tennessee, Georgia and LSU, but I would have to say LSU holds a slight lead right now," said Chris Scott.

What gives the Tigers the edge with this All-American?

"It is really hard to say. It is not one particular thing that sticks out to me that is better than Georgia or Tennessee. It is just a feeling I have about them right now. All the schools have great facilities, coaches and academics, so I know I can't really go wrong."

Will Florida get a visit?

"I still have a tad bit of interest in Florida, but I honestly doubt I'll visit there. I just don't have much interest there anymore."

Chris Scott has let the coaching staff of the opposing teams know who is in the lead for his signature…

"I let Georgia, Tennessee and LSU know last week who my leader was. I guess Georgia took it serious because they really stepped it up this week. They brought in five coaches (Richt, Garner, Bobo, Rucker and Callaway) Monday night and it went really good. They hung around for about two hours and talked to me, my parents and grandparents about how they needed me and how I can fit into their program. Tennessee (Coach Washington and Stevens) will be in to see me tonight. After that, I will not talk to anyone else until after the dead period is over."

Could a decision come during the dead period?

"It is hard to say…It could, but I am not saying it will. It is going to be hard to tell these teams and coaches no, but I know I have to do it."

Chris Scott is slightly leaning towards the LSU Tigers, but it looks that the Georgia Bulldogs and Tennessee Volunteers are still in the mix and will not go down without a fight. will keep you updated on all the happenings with Georgia lineman, Chris Scott.

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