Georgia's scholarship count - 12 16 2004

As always, the exact number of scholarships is not exactly known. That list is kept by the coaching staff and is not released to the media.

However, this list has been complied over the last few months of football in Athens. Keep in mind that some players, like Bartley Miller, Josh Brock, and Tony Taylor will return to the Bulldogs next season in the same class because they have not yet redshirted.

Also keep in mind that players like Will Thompson and Albert Hollis will apply for a sixth year of eligibility, but that will occur after the season. Players like Max Jean-Gilles, Odell Thurman, and Thomas Davis have not yet determined their fate for next season. Brian Jordan and Tra Battle were give scholarships for this season and may retain them going into 2005, but that will likely be determined in the spring. Also, Cedric Haywood will not return for 2005.

With all of that in mind, and perhaps some specifics not mentioned, here is a look at the scholarship table, which assumes that Thompson and Hollis will not be granted a 6th season and that all players that are currently on scholarship remain at Georgia. It also assumes that all committed players will follow through with their commitment and that all of them will qualify. Those assumptions lead to this chart:

Position # SRs JRs SOPH (R)FRs Signees
QB 4 Shockley Tereshinski   Barnes Cox
RB 6 Browning Cooper Ware    
    Milton   Brown    
FB 2   Williams   Southerland  
WR 10 McClendon Raley A.J. Bryant Goodman J. Bryant
      S, Bailey Gartrell Harris Massaquoi
TE 5 Milner Pope Holden   Chandler
        C. Watson    
OL 16 Tanner Velasco Lee Watts Smith
    Jean-Gilles Inman McKinzey    
    Roland Brock Chandler    
      Ba. Miller Adams    
DT 7 Golston Gant     Weston
    Swain Dixson     Sesay
DE 8   Elmore Cook Lomax Battle
      M. Jackson C. Johnson   Lang
LB 12 White J. Jackson Howard J. Johnson Chaney
    Thurman Verdun Br. Miller Ellerbe Washington
    Smith Taylor      
S 7 Blue Sanni-Osomo K. Johnson Sims Byrd
    Davis       Coates
CB 8 Jennings   Oliver Brown Baldwin
    Minter   Henderson    
    Gilliam   Flowers    
ST 1     A, Bailey    
OFF 43 8 13 11 5 6
DEF 42 11 9 8 5 9
SPT 1     1    
TOT 86 19 22 20 10 15

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