CSS replays the North/South All-Star game at 7:00 PM Tonight played in Columbus on Tuesday. Here are highlights with video clips included. You Don't Want to Miss This!"> CSS replays the North/South All-Star game at 7:00 PM Tonight played in Columbus on Tuesday. Here are highlights with video clips included. You Don't Want to Miss This!">

North/South All-Star Game Video Review

The following is a guide for what to watch today as <a href="http://www.css-sports.com/">CSS</a> replays the North/South All-Star game at 7:00 PM Tonight played in Columbus on Tuesday. Here are highlights with video clips included. You Don't Want to Miss This!

It's predictable that defense is going to dominate All-Star games, but it's even more so when one talks about a team that has Antonio Clay of Twiggs County and Dan Foster of Early County not only as its linebacker, but it's backup linebackers.

Tray Blackmon of LaGrange and Darius Dewberry of Peach County are the top two linebackers in the country, and they had the privilege of playing next to one another as outside linebackers. While they couldn't blitz in this game which took a lot of their big play opportunities away from them, it didn't take long for each of them to announce his presence. 

Blackmon leveled Walton's Justin Forte on the first play from scrimmage, and Dewberry fought off a block to run Forte out of bounds on the very next play. Two plays into the game, and the tone was already set by the two 5 Star linebackers.

Linebackers Tray Blackmon and Darius Dewberry

The North squad had some playmakers on the defensive side of the ball as well, and the defensive battle was on. Decatur's Corey Moon walks around his blocker for a sack on the South's first series. Moon was the best looking prospect for the North.

DE #95 Corey Moon

Clyde Moore of Rome is a name that most aren't familiar with, but was named the top athlete at a North Georgia Combine in the spring, because of his ability to make the big play. It didn't take him long to get into the action either. Moore shows on this play why he has the ability to go sideline to sideline.

LB #50 Clyde Moore

The early breaks were being made by the North Squad. Here the North forces a fumble that was quickly scooped up by Moore. The reaction on the North sideline showed that this was no exhibition. These players and coaches came to win.

LB #50 Clyde Moore Fumble Recovery

Douglass' Roderick Battle helped get momentum back for the South Squad with a convincing tackle for loss.

#96 DE Roderick Battle

B.J. Wright of Lowndes got my vote for South MVP with the first of his three sacks on the day. Wright showed quickness around the edge all game long.

#55 B.J. Wright

Another bright spot for the North was Buford's Thor Merrow. On the same series, Merrow came through with a big sack, and laid one of two crushing blocks to free North Clayton's Dirk Engram on a punt return. Merrow came off the field looking a little woozy after the hit, but looks didn't tell the whole story. "Nah, he took most of the hit," Merrow said with a laugh when asked if he was a little shaken up.

#34 Thor Merrow (Blue)

Dirk Engram's Return

Baldwin County's Nick Kyles helped get the scoring started when he got behind the North secondary for the biggest play of the day. He hauled in a post route that set up the field goal that put the South up 3-0. Turns out that was all the scoring they would need, but that was not the end of the big plays.

#5 WR Nick Kyles

Parkview Teammates Jeff Witt and Stephen Gowland hooked up to help generate some offense for the North towards the end of the second half. While the pass play got them moving, the South Defense was too much to punch in a score on this drive.

Witt to Gowland

Dan Foster of Early County helped snuff out one drive almost single handedly with two big plays pushing the North Squad out of potential scoring position.

#37 LB Dan Foster I

#37 LB Dan Foster II

B.J. Wright gets the second of his three sacks.

#55 B.J. Wright

LaGrange's Demoreo Ford didn't get the ball enough early, but he began to get the ball late. He took advantage of two opportunities by getting big chunks of yards.

#22 WR Demeoro Ford I

#22 WR Demeoro Ford II

Witt once again found his tight end, only this time it was Woodstock's Tripp Chandler for a nice gain.

Witt to Chandler

It was three consecutive runs in the third quarter that really sealed the game. The huge offensive line of the South led by Lovejoy's Chris Scott and Newnan's Sergio Render opened the door for Tyree Burnett of Washington County, Tony Wright of Peach County, and finally Douglass' James Davis for the touchdown run.

South Ground Game

A two score lead means the South had to come out passing, and when they did, Lovejoy's Keith Fitzhugh was up for the challenge with an interception.

CB Keith Fitzhugh

More passing situations were bad news for the North as B.J. Wright collected his third sack of the day.

#55 B.J. Wright

While the game seemed to be over as soon as the South went up by two scores, Clay made sure with an interception.

#34 Antonio Clay

Rather than try a long field goal, or a short punt, the South squad went for a 4th and long, and Grayson's Jim Mitchell tipped the ball as Ramon McElrathbey of Mays came down with the ball.

North Interception

Don't forget to watch the game in full on CSS tonight at 7:00, and we sure would like to see you in the stands next year!

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