From getting snaps to giving them

TAMPA –Joe Tereshinski might get the chance to see the playing field even more on Saturday's Outback Bowl, but not taking snaps. Instead, he might be giving them.

A third string sophomore quarterback, Tereshinski is also the third string snapper for the Bulldogs' special teams unit and because starting snapper Brian Jordan went down and is unlikely play according to Georgia Head Coach Mark Richt, Tereshinski will battle it out with back up snapper Jordan Wolf for starting duties at snapper.

"I'd say Brian is doubtful to play Saturday," said Richt after practice on Tuesday. ""He may be able to snap or he may not play at all. We'll have to wait and see."

Both Tereshinski and Wolf took all snaps at Georgia's at practice South Florida Tuesday morning. The Bulldogs went to Tampa Bay's Busch Garden for the afternoon before a private dinner in the evening. They return for practice Wednesday in the morning so that they can better prepare for the early kickoff time for the bowl game.

In an upcoming interview in the February 2005 Dawg Post the Magazine, Joe Tereshinski indicated that he was interested in playing more no matter if it was on special teams or at quarterback.

"I just want to play," he said in the upcoming interview. "I love the contact of special teams; I love hitting people." However, in the past Tereshinski has been removed from all special teams when an injury occurred to either of the team's top two quarterbacks.

Tereshinski last snapped for the Bulldogs in 2003 against Clemson; Wolf's last snapping duties came against Kentucky earlier this season. Tereshinski is currently the upback on Georgia's punt team.

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