Owens explains commitment to Dawgs

Jeffrey Owens, a four star defensive tackle out of Plantation, FL, has named Georgia, Florida State and Miami as his top three for some time now. Out of those three, Georgia has come out on top. Owens committed to Georgia tonight and here is why.

"That is just the best place for me," said Jeffrey Owens.

"I feel Georgia is the perfect fit and I really love it up there. Their defense fits my style of play and I will have a chance to come in and contribute early."

Does Owens plan to take his two remaining visits to Tallahassee and Coral Gables?

"At this time, I do. I am solid to Georgia, but I feel I need to take my remaining trips. I want to see the other places and just make sure I am making the correct decision," said Owens.

Who did Jeffrey Owens commit to?

"I committed to Coach Richt," he said.

Owens has been talking Georgia up down at practice this week. Who all was he talking to?

"Demetrice Morley, Neefy Moffett, Vladimir Richards, Gerald Williams, and a few more," said the soon to be Dawg.

"I know Neefy, Vlad, and Gerald are high on Georgia and plan to visit on January 14th," Owens said.

Owens is now committed to Georgia, but will it stick with visits to Miami and Florida State looming in the future?

Stay tuned to SCOUT.com to find out.

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