Georgia Visits National Hot 100 CB

Bryan Evans is a four star cornerback out of Jacksonville, FL. Evans has been through the coaching carousel of the SEC and has had to adjust his favorites. What schools are still in it, and do any lead?

"I am looking at Tennessee, Georgia, LSU, Florida State, Florida and Alabama," said Bryan Evans, a member of the National Hot 100. "I will sign with one of those six schools."

Evans has had LSU, Georgia and Florida at the top of his list at one time or another this year, but he now says all schools are even…

"All six schools are even right now. I have been through some coaching changes and am now kind of starting over again. I know it is late in the process, but this is what I have to do."

The dead period ended at twelve a.m. Sunday, January 2nd. Have any coaches contacted Evans since then?

"The Georgia coaches came by today. Coach Richt, Garner, Rucker, Martinez and Bobo came by this afternoon. The visit went well. This is the third time Georgia has been by, so it is getting real comfortable and all."

Does Evans plan to host any other schools this week?

"No sir, I think Georgia will be the only school to come in this week."

What visits does Evans still have on his table?

"I will visit Georgia on January 21st and Florida State on the 28th. I am still debating between Florida and Alabama for the fifth visit. I am not sure yet (Evans has already visited Tennessee and LSU)."

Bryan Evans has had a tough time with recruiting as coaches from two of his top teams have left their schools for different reasons. This has only confused Mr. Evans and made the process more difficult. With that said, don't expect a decision from Bryan Evans until his visits have completed. will keep you posted on the recruitment of Ed White High School senior Bryan Evans.

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