UGA Commits React to Coaching Changes

Georgia's verbal commitments suffered much of the same shock that the rest of the Bulldog Nation did upon learning of the depature of running back coach Ken Rucker and defensive coordinator Brian Van Gorder on Tuesday afternoon. Will the commits now stick to their pledges or look elsewhere?

Joe Cox:
"I'm still committed. I'm very excited about going on my official visit this weekend to Georgia."

Mohamed Massaquoi:
"The guys that I have dealt with are still there. Me and Joe are going on our visit to Athens this Friday and I'm looking forward to it. I'm 100% committed to Georgia."

Marcus Washington:
"I mean it's a little bit shocking. I've been talking Van Gorder and I felt he was going to be there for a couple more years, at least until they won the national title. I don't know what his decision was based on, but I'm sure he had a good reason. I'm still going to Georgia though. I'm 100% committed. I'm taking my visit there this weekend."

Ian Smith:
"It's not really going to affect my decision. If it was Coach Callaway or something then it would. I'm going to Georgia and I'm not taking any other visits."

Tripp Chandler:
"It doesn't affect my decision really. If I played defense, then Coach Van Gorder is the one I'd want to play for but Georgia is Georgia with or without him. I'm still going to Georgia and I take my visit up there on the 21st."

Roderick Battle:
"I am still solid to Georgia. That is where I am going. I am 100%."

Jamar Chaney:
"It is tough to lose Van Gorder. He and I were very close. He was my recruiting and position coach. I committed to Georgia though and I am still solid to them."

Jeffrey Owens:
"That hurts a little bit, but as long as Garner, Martinez and Richt are still there, that is where I am going."

C.J. Byrd:
"It didn't affect me at all. I am committed to Georgia 100% and can't wait to get there in June. I think Martinez will do a great job as defensive coordinator"

Brandon Sesay:
"Georgia is where I am going and there is no doubt about it. I am still committed to Georgia."

Antavious Coates:
"No sir, it did not really affect me at all. I am still 100% to Georgia and I'll be there in June."

Donovan Baldwin:
"Nothing changed for me. I am still fully committed to Georgia. I look forward playing for Coach Martinez."

Kade Weston:
"It had no effect on me at all. I am still 100% to Georgia and will sign with them in February."

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