Not much hope against Kentucky

ATHENS – When the ball goes up for tip off Saturday afternoon in Stegeman Coliseum, very few people in the building will think that Georgia will be able to compete with mighty Kentucky.

I am one of them.

These two teams have actually split their last eight games with one another. There is no team in the SEC that has had that much success against Kentucky in their last eight games with them.

But there is no reason to believe – with the shot clock rule still in place – that Georgia will be able to compete with Kentucky. If only the Bulldogs were playing the Wildcats with high school shot clock rules.

Georgia could hold the ball for the whole first half – or at least try to. Then maybe something crazy could happen in the second half. Maybe they would let Kentucky score and hold the ball the rest of the half and try to win the game 3-2.

Kentucky has its full allotment of scholarships available and nearly all of them are taken up by Mr. Basketballs of one state or another. Georgia, on the other hand, might have a player or two that was on an All-State team in high school.

At no point in time will the difference between the top and the bottom of the SEC be so evident than Saturday. Georgia just does not have the horses to stick with the Cats – who come from a state, appropriately enough, that is known for its thoroughbreds. And in this game the thoroughbreds will roll.

Thoroughbreds – 76
Georgia – 52

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