Yoculan loses scholarship

ATHENS – Georgia gymnastics coach Suzanne Yoculan has lost a scholarship for next season and been forbidden from off-campus recruiting for August 2005 after the school and the SEC determined she committed a secondary rules violation in May.

Suzanne Yoculan paid for six of her gymnasts who had just completed their NCAA eligibility to take a two-night trip to New York City along with her and fiancé Don Leebern, a Columbus businessman who is also a member of the UGA Board of Regents. The trip was an NCAA violation because Yoculan paid for her former athletes' trip.

She told UGA officials she was unaware the trip was a violation. Athletic director Damon Evans also issued Yoculan a letter of reprimand that stated, "This lack of attention to NCAA rules compliance has caused a violation and should be treated as a serious matter."

The gymnasts also have been asked to repay the amount of their own trip, $725, to the charity of their choice, but neither the NCAA nor Georgia has any way to enforce that desire since all six have used up their eligibility.

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