Brandon Sesay Raves about Georgia Visit

Brandon Sesay is an athletic defensive lineman out of Douglass High School in Atlanta. Sesay, along with teammate Roderick Battle, committed to the Georgia Bulldogs on Count Down to Signing Day in late 2004. Sesay took his official visit to Georgia last weekend and came back with his commitment more solid than ever.

Did Brandon Sesay have a good trip to Georgia?

"Oh yeah! It was a great time, and I really enjoyed myself," said Sesay. "I got to hang out with a lot of recruits and a lot of players. They are all real cool people. I just knew when I got there, it was the place for me."

Sesay gives us an overview of his official visit to the University of Georgia…

"Coach Garner came by the school Friday afternoon and picked up me and Roderick (Roderick Battle). He drove us over to Athens, and that was a lot of fun getting to talk to Coach Garner for a couple of hours. When I got there, I went in Coach Richt's office and talked to him for a while. He is a real good guy."

"Later that night, we went over to Greg Blue's house and watched a lot of Georgia film and highlights for the past couple of years."

"Then, on Saturday morning, we toured the campus, academic center, and went to the basketball game. That night after the game, we ate dinner in the sky box inside the stadium. After dinner, I went back over to Leonard Pope's (Brandon Sesay's host for the weekend) place with a lot of other players and recruits and watched the Falcons beat the Rams."

"On Sunday morning we had breakfast with all the coaches and recruits, then we just hung out until we started leaving."

During official visits, coaches will get the measurements of each prospect. This is what Sesay had to say about his… "I measured in at 6'6, 240 pounds. I was weighing closer to 250 until basketball season, but I will put that weight back on later this spring after basketball."

Around the internet, there has been a lot of speculation and rumors about Sesay moving from defensive end to defensive tackle once he gets to Georgia. This is what Sesay says about that…

"Coach Richt and Coach Garner have let me know that I am definitely playing defensive end. We actually talked about that in the car with Coach Garner while heading over to Athens. He actually mentioned Battle as a possibility down the road, being someone who could move inside depending on the weight he gains."

These were Sesay's thoughts when leaving the University of Georgia…

"It felt like a summer camp with all your best friends being there. We are all very good players, but there is no animosity or anything like that among us. I can't wait to get here this summer."

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