Week off: Were Dawgs watching TV?

ATHENS – With a rare night off in the rough and tumble SEC, the Georgia Bulldogs got a good look at a game they should hope to pattern the rest of their games after.

The last two teams the Dawgs played, Ole Miss and Kentucky, were in a dog fight for two halves. The Rebels, who barely escaped the Bulldogs a week ago in Oxford, had a double digit lead on the Wildcats, who blew the Dawgs in Athens out a few days ago.

Kentucky is the cream of the crop and Ole Miss isn't, but yet the Rebels fought hard at home and nearly – dare I say should have – put another one in the W column against the Cats.

Georgia must learn to fight on a nightly basis. Not just physically, they work hard for their head coach and the fans that come to the games, but mentally as well. Georgia can not afford to go on brain vacation for four minutes at a time – they are not good enough to recover from it.

It's not enough to make good showings just in the first half the way they did against Kentucky only to fall behind at the start of the second half. Georgia must fight each night in SEC play because every conference contest is a difficult one, no matter who you are.

The week off should give the Dawgs time to reflect on that, and cope with what appears to be another player leaving the team. Charles Sheppard's Tuesday article in the Athens Banner-Herald said Buzz Wehunt is leaving the program.

Even though the sophomore played fewer minutes this season than his did last, he was still another player Dennis Felton could have turned to in game situations. Now, crippled once more by another player leaving the team, Felton will have to become even more imaginative in the way he gets ready for games. Even if Buzz was not contributing during games he was another body during practice and that has to count for something.

So with Buzz gone and Vanderbilt up next these Bulldogs need to figure out a way to win at home. The key will be fighting hard and taking no lapses during the 40 minute game. Georgia matches up relatively well with the Commodores, who also have had the last seven days off.

Getting off to a good start won't be enough for the Bulldogs this time. A win is needed now before the schedule gets even more difficult.

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