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<b>David Greene</b> left the University of Georgia as the NCAA's all time leader in wins. Now he is getting ready to make his mark on the next level. Working with one of the top quarterback coaches in the country, and throwing the ball to <b>Mike Williams</b> on a daily basis can't hurt.

David Greene has been working hard to get ready for the NFL draft, and he has a lot of time to improve his stock between now and Draft day in April. Like most guys who aren't slam dunk Top 10 picks, Greene knows that the next three months can change his draft status immensely. Has he gotten a feel for where he is going to go in the draft?

Greene to Williams

"It's probably too early to tell right now," said Greene. "We've got the senior bowl coming up. We've got the pro day; we've got the combine.  All of those coming up that can determine whether you're a first or second round pick or a fourth or fifth round pick. There's a lot of ball to play between here and April."

With that in mind, Greene has the top team in the country on his side getting him ready for April. "I've been working out here at Competitive Edge Sports with Chip and Robbie and throwing every day. My agent hired a guy, Zeke Bratkowski, who's doing a great job. He worked with Philip Rivers last year and obviously did a great job with Philip."

Mike Williams is part of CES' client roster, and it was a treat watching Greene and Williams work out last week. Greene has also been able to work with Roger Theder on a daily basis at CES. Theder coached at Cal and in the NFL, and now travels the country and has players travel to see him so that they can workout with one of the best in the business. Theder has been especially impressed with Greene.

"My impression of David is probably as high a compliment I can give him," said Theder. "I think he's an exceptional athlete with a nice arm. There's two things that sometimes take time to teach, it's quick feet and a quick arm. He's got both of those, and he's got size. Just the little bit of reading (coverages) and stuff we did, he seems to me to be very bright as well. He may be the sleeper of the draft, a sleeper guy. If he isn't a high draft pick, I would be very 

Theder on the Job

surprised, because I'm very impressed with him."

NFL teams aren't in any hurry to tip their hands, and Greene hasn't gotten a good feel for who might be most interested in him. That should change in the very near future.

"We get questionnaires in the mail. I'll be able to tell you a lot more after the senior bowl and after the combine. I'll know what teams act like they're interested or not."

With the success that Greene and Georgia had while at Georgia, he wasn't too surprised that some of the assistant coaches would be in very high demand as two left the program most notably Brian VanGorder to Jacksonville.

"I heard just the way everyone else did, on the radio. I was a little surprised, but I knew coach VanGorder especially was getting looked at. It's really amazing that we were able to go four or five years together without having a coaching change. With the kind of success we had, normally coaches leave. Overall, we're all a little disappointed, but if it's the best for him than so be it."

Greene has left big shoes to fill at Georgia, but he feels confident in the quarterbacks that will step up next year.

"Shock (D.J. Shockley) is going to be the guy. He's a great quarterback, and he's had a great career already. He's got all the talent in the world and all of the ability. He's got great leadership skills and the team respects him and wants to play for him. They'll be fine there. The quarterback position will be fine. Even the backups Joe Tereshinski and Blake Barnes have both been in the system for a little while, so there shouldn't be any problem at all."

Georgia fans are going to miss seeing Greene in the red and black, and Greene is going to miss Athens. When looking back at his five years at Georgia, it's the relationships he remembers most fondly.


"Really the people, it's not even the football, it's the friends I've made. When I go to restaurants in Athens and I can recognize faces. That's the best part about it in five years. I made so many friends, and it's a place I'll always consider home. I had a great time when I was there."

Greene is going to find a new home with one lucky NFL team, and the NCAA's all time leader in wins hopes to make the same mark on the next level. I wouldn't bet against him.

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