Down to the Wire

<b>Duke Robinson</b> is an offensive lineman out of Atlanta, GA. Robinson has been going back and forth between Georgia and Oklahoma for months now. It is closing in on signing day and it is time for Big Duke to pick the best team for him. When does Mr. Robinson plan to have his decision?

"It is getting close. I will know some time before signing day", said Duke Robinson.

In recruiting, all is the same for Duke Robinson.

"It is still Oklahoma and Georgia on top and Arkansas is third. More than likely it will be Oklahoma or Georgia though. I am about ninety nine percent sure it will be one of those two."

Is he leaning one way or the other?

"Not really leaning towards one right now. One day I feel like leaving the state and then the next day I don't."

So far this week, Robinson has hosted Coach Stoops of Oklahoma, Coach Garner and Callaway of Georgia and Coach Nutt of Arkansas.

"I think I am done seeing coaches now. I may have one or two more visitors, but it looks like I am done."

What is it going to come down to for Mr. Robinson to make his choice?

"I just want to go where I feel most comfortable. Where I feel like I will be taken care of academically and on the football field."

It is now less than a week before signing day. Where will this big peach state OL play his college ball?

Stay right here at to find out.

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