Artist does Redcoat Band print

Ken Modak has been doing artwork for as long as he can remember. His work has been used by the University of Georgia Athletic Department on several occasions. But now Modak has a new print that focuses on the Georgia Redcoat Band.

The piece shows a history of the Redcoat band with the trademark "SPELL GEORGIA CHEER" they perform at halftime as the centerpiece of the work. The artwork is one of several pieces of Georgia artwork Modak has created.

"I contacted the Sports Information Department at UGA in 1991 about working with them on media guide covers and various artwork," said Modak.

Modak has created artwork for three Georgia media guides covers including the 2004 edition featuring David Greene, David Pollack, and Thomas Davis. The 2004 media guide also has artwork of Fred Gibson, Reggie Brown, and Odell Thurman on it, too.

Modak has worked with former Bulldogs after they have left Athens as well.

"In 2002, after completing "The Catch" limited edition print, I met with Verron Haynes to sign some of the prints. Verron asked me to do a portrait of his daughter, Taylor," said the artist. "When meeting with Boss Bailey for a signing of the "2002 Bulldogs - SEC Champions," he asked me to do a portrait of his son, Khalil, for a 2003 mother's day gift for his wife. Then Champ Bailey's wife called me to do a portrait for father's day of their son, Keevan, which also included an image of Champ currently and at his son's age."

According to Modak, the Redcoat Band print is a celebration of the 100th year anniversary of the marching unit.

"I was asked about doing something for the Redcoat Band because of the 100th year anniversary. When I work on a project," said Modak, "I like to learn about the subject matter, whether it is the event or the in this case, the history of the UGA Redcoat Band."

"Since working on this project, I have come to appreciate the band. Being a sports fan, sometimes people don't look at other things that make up the "team." The Georgia Redcoat Band is a very big part of the football ‘team.' They get the fans and players ready to go before the game with the Dawg Walk and then prior to the game with the solo trumpeter playing the Battle Hymn of Georgia, and during the game with the fight song, "Glory, Glory!" It is incredible the amount of hours that they put in for practice and the tryouts that take place just to make it. It is really interesting to hear some of the stories about the band when talking with some of the parents and Redcoat Alumni. There is such a pride and honor that seems to go with being associated with the Redcoats."

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