20 Offers Already for Quarterback

Tim Tebow is a 6'3, 225 pound south paw quarterback out of Jacksonville, Florida. Tebow already has over twenty scholarship offers and gets twenty plus letters a day. Who has offered this sunshine state quarterback and does he have a favorite? Also, see him in action in this presentation by ScoutTV.

"I have over twenty offers right now," said Tim Tebow.

Who are some of the schools that have offered?

"I can't remember all of them, but, Florida State, Georgia, Michigan, Nebraska and schools like that have offered me."

Last season, Tebow and his family hit the road visiting schools unofficially. Who did Tebow get a chance to see?

"I went to games at schools like Tennessee, Georgia, South Carolina, Ohio State, Notre Dame and a few others. I went to see a few practices at places like Alabama and Florida State."

All of this attention had to come for some reason. Other than being 6'3, 225 pounds and running a forty in the 4.6 range, he put up these amazing numbers last season as a junior…that is right, these are just Junior season numbers, not career…

"I had 4,300 yards passing for forty touchdowns and over 1,200 yards rushing for twenty four touchdowns."

Something Tebow didn't mention was he only threw six interceptions in 402 attempts last season.

What does Tim Tebow see as the strengths of his game?

"One thing is that I am a big competitor. I see myself as a winner and a great leader. Not always verbally, but by example a lot of the time."

What does he want to improve on this summer"

"I want to continue to improve on reading defenses. No matter how good you are at reading defenses, you can always get better. I think that is what separates the good and great quarterbacks from one another."

What does Mr. Tebow have scheduled for this summer?

"I may pick out one or two camps this summer, but I will gone on a mission trip to the Philippines most of the time."

So, does this impressive Florida Prep quarterback have an early favorite?

"Nothing is really narrowed down yet. I guess I am looking at the schools I have already visited. I am heading over to The University of Florida Tuesday to meet Coach Meyer."

Tim Tebow is a name that if you haven't heard about yet, you are going to hear a whole lot of in the near future. Make sure you stay close to Scout.com for all the latest of this Sunshine State south paw.

Scott Kennedy's Scouting Report: Two things jump out at me right away about Tebow. First, his arm strength, Tebow puts pressure on the defense from all angles. He has the ability to beat a corner on the backside of the play when the defender thinks the play has gone away from him. Second, his toughness, Tebow runs the ball harder than some players I've seen get scholarships as fullbacks. He absolutely will not back down from a defender. While he will have to learn to protect himself better on the next level, that toughness is an attribute that serves any player well in the violent game of football.

While most of Tebow's damage comes from a shotgun formation, he displays more than enough footwork to be able to move under center if that's what his college scheme calls for. He can beat a team throwing the ball and running the ball. He looks to be the Class of 2006's version of Ryan Perrilloux.

Watch 3 Videos of Tim Tebow in action in this presentation by ScoutTV.

#5 QB Tim Tebow

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