Dawgs Lead for In-State OL

Matt Long was a standout performer at January's Kennedy/CES Combine and the big offensive line prospect currently holds a top 5 with the Georgia Bulldogs on top.

"Right now I like the University of Georgia, Auburn, Florida State, South Carolina and then probably Oregon. I'm getting a lot of letters but no offers thus far," Matt Long said.

Who's on top at this stage for Matt?

"Georgia is the leader. They're my favorite school. I like Coach Richt a lot. I'm from Florida and I grew up watching the FSU dynasty and I remember my brother talking about how much he loved Coach Richt from the football camps he went to in Tallahassee. My brother is at Georgia now and my whole dad's side of the family, my sister and all of them went to UGA. We have season tickets to their football games."

Why does he like the other 4 teams on his list?

Auburn: "I really like Auburn's offense. They really impressed me this year out of nowhere with the 13-0 record. I didn't expect that undefeated season."

Florida State: "Like I said, I grew up around their dynasty. Growing up they were my favorite team."

South Carolina: "It's close to home and Antonio Lamar from Brookwood is over there playing some fullback. It would be cool to go over there with him."

Oregon: "Brian Truelove is going out there and were real good friends. He's pressuring me about it and he really likes it. He's told me lots of good things Oregon."

Long holds his own in the classroom as well as the football field.

"I have a 3.2 GPA, but I'm still trying to study harder and raise that up. I'm taking the class for the new SAT right now and I'll take the test soon."

Any early camp plans for him this coming summer?

"I know I'm going to Florida State and Vanderbilt and I'm just trying to set up some other camps also."

What is Matt looking for most in a school?

"I'm looking for education. That's the number one thing. I want to go some place with a good business school so I'm taking a look at that right now. I'd like to go to a school that's more run oriented because that's pretty much all we do in high school and I'm a good run blocker. A scheme with lots of guards pulling and stuff like that."

Has he set any goals for the coming year?

"I definitely want to make the playoffs. I want to make the pre-season All-County team and another goal not too far out of reach is the Brookwood bench press record which is 430lbs. I'm at about 390lbs right now."

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