Top Alabama QB Headed to Athens for Jr. Day

<b>Neil Caudle</b> is one of the top quarterbacks in the southeast for 2006. The Spain Park gunslinger has received four scholarship offers. This weekend, Caudle will travel out-of-state for Junior Day.

"I have received offers from Louisville, Auburn, Alabama, and Michigan. Louisville was the first school to offer. Michigan was the last school to offer me. They offered about two weeks ago," said Caudle.

" Georgia and Duke are also showing interest in me. I am going to Georgia's Junior Day this weekend. I really can't name any favorites right now."

With offers in hand, Caudle knows what he likes at each school that has offered so far.

Louisville: "I really like their offense. Pro quarterbacks have come through there the past few years."

Auburn: "I have been an Auburn fan my whole life. I really like the campus, and the offense Coach Borges has put in at Auburn."

Alabama: "I like the coaching staff. I was able to spend some time with them at the Iron Bowl. All the coaches are very nice."

Michigan: "I like the quarterback coach a lot. They have sent 6-7 quarterbacks to the NFL. It's a quarterback school."

Despite being sidelined for part of the season, the junior stats explain the reason for all the attention.

"I was 129/200 for 1,634 yards with 15 touchdowns. I had 43 rushes for 424 yards, with five touchdowns. I only played eight games. I was named the team's Offensive Back of the Year. I was invited to play in the Junior All-Star game, but I couldn't because of my knee," said Caudle.

When asked about his strengths, Caudle replied, "I feel like my strengths are just staying calm, and running the ball. I know how to get the ball to my receivers. I would like to improve my leadership and accuracy. Our team went 9-4 this past year. We are losing a bunch of receivers, but we should be alright."

Caudle is an excellent student as well and will have no trouble qualifying.

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