Interactive Chat Re-Cap With Georgia Signee

The format for the chat was as follows: Tavares Kearney was on the telephone with Ryan Jordan of Ryan fielded questions from members of the Dawgpost in the chat room, and relayed them to Kearney. Tavares then answered, and Ryan relayed the answers back to the members of the Dawgpost via the chat room.

Ryan Jordan:: Alright I've got TKO on the line... Lets get started

AlDog:: lowiq's first question. What events does he plan to run in track this year?
Tavares Kearney:: I'm running the 4x100, the 100 and the 200m

ugadawg004:: TKO, we cant wait to see you play!! What are your strengths?
Tavares Kearney:: "My work ethic and being able to just carry through. I like to have fun."

danieliroberts:: what are his lifting numbers in the gym
Tavares Kearney:: "I bench 325 and squat 490. I power clean 295"

redbeanskookin:: TKO, how good of friends are you with Thomas Brown.... Asher Allen?
Tavares Kearney:: "Were real close friends. I ran track with both of them I was on the 4x100 with Thomas for two years and me and Asher have been tight since he got to Tucker and still are."

MissinGeorgiaBad:: If you could pick any offensive position to play...what would it be?
Tavares Kearney:: "I'd have to say wide receiver. I like to block and I could catch a little bit."

jacketssuck:: Who is your favorite alltime UGA player and who do you want to model your career after?
Tavares Kearney:: "All time, oohh.. I like Odell Thurman. It's either out of him or Thomas Davis. At safety I like John Lynch and at LB it's Jonathan Vilma."

redbeanskookin:: What team are you excited about playing/beating while in college?
Tavares Kearney:: "South Carolina and Auburn. Those are the two right there. BY (Brandyn Young) is at South Carolina and (James) Swinton is going be at Auburn, so I want to beat the Tucker guys."

ugadawg004:: How much do you hate GT?
Tavares Kearney:: "I hate Tech a lot. That was my first offer. I went down there on a visit and I just didn't like it at all."

courierdawg:: Who's the best player you played against?
Tavares Kearney:: "The best player I faced this year was the QB from St. Pius or Americus."

danieliroberts:: Has he got a chance to meet/talk with coach Jancek?
Tavares Kearney:: "I met Coach Jancek and everything. He's a real nice guy. I'm sure we'll have some fun. He likes me at linebacker, but I'll get a shot at safety too in Athens."

NVaDawg:: What were the deciding factors in his choice of GA?
Tavares Kearney:: "It was either going to be Ohio State or Georgia but I have family here and the weather. It's close to home and I like the pressure of playing at home where everybody knows you."

rockit5386:: Talk about your off season workout plans. Do you plan to enroll early?
Tavares Kearney:: "Right now I'm doing track. I have weightlifting competition on Saturday. I got Georgia's workout book and I'll start that soon. I plan to get to Athens in June as soon as I can."

redbeanskookin:: What do you plan on Majoring in school?
Tavares Kearney:: "I've looked at 2 majors. Either communications or criminal justice."

MiamiDawg:: Do you see yourself more as a saftey or OLB?
Tavares Kearney:: "Ah.. I played safety and I really liked it. Honestly, either one of them."

ugadawg004:: Do you plan to redshirt or play next year?
Tavares Kearney:: "Oh I plan to play. I'm going in with the mindset that I'm going to play. I'll play whatever position gets me on the field first."

stumpydawg:: Are you going to room with Thomas Brown next year?
Tavares Kearney:: "Me and Thomas have talked about it. My mom loves how the rooms are set up and me and Thomas are real cool. We'll talk to the coaches about it when I get there."

coop4hsman:: Current height, weight?
Tavares Kearney:: "Last time I was at Georgia I was 6'0 203lbs."

NVaDawg:: What do you need to work on to get ready for the fall?
Tavares Kearney:: "Footwork and technique. That's what I'm working on."

ugadawg004:: Who is your favorite UGA coach?
Tavares Kearney:: "Favorite Georgia coach, ahh... I like Coach Martinez right now. He's a funny guy, a crazy dude. Coach Jancek is pretty cool, but I've been around Coach Martinez a couple of more times."

courierdawg:: You looked real fast can't wait to see it, do you know what number you will be yet?
Tavares Kearney:: "I have no clue what I'll get, but I want a single digit number, 11 or 17"

NVaDawg:: what do you run in track - times?
Tavares Kearney:: "I went to state last year in the 200m and ran a 21.83... I just ran the relay teams with Thomas and the other guys. My fastest 400m was a 49.00"

redbeanskookin:: How did he like the residence halls?
Tavares Kearney:: "It's real nice. I like the new East Campus dorms and that was another reason why I chose Georgia over Ohio State."

stumpydawg:: Have you gotten to know any of the other recent commitments?
Tavares Kearney:: "I know Tripp Chandler, Bryan Evans and Corey Moon the best. Tripp was at North/South with me and Bryan was on the visit with me. Corey was at the All-Star game also."

MiamiDawg:: Do you see yourself coming of the edge on third and long? On tape you seem to have a talent for using your speed of the edge on the big OT's
Tavares Kearney:: "Absolutely. The coaches were talking about it and why not. I'm too fast for the OL's"

hardhitter42:: does he think Asher Allen ends up at UGA?
Tavares Kearney:: "Ohh.. Asher is talking about it. Everytime he sees me, he says 'Georgia baby.' Either him or our QB Dwayne Harris will end up there I think. They both went to Junior Day last weekend."

CoorsDawg:: who would he like for us to get for next year's class?
Tavares Kearney:: "I like Asher... From other schools Brian Flournoy a CB who transferred is real good. I think he went to a school in Winder. I think it's Oconee County."

NVaDawg:: what is the biggest hit you've ever delivered in a game?
Tavares Kearney:: "The biggest hit this year was Lakeside. I hit the QB and knocked out his butt pad and ear pad. Other people say when I knocked out the St. Pius QB, but I think the one against Lakeside was my biggest one."

hardhitter42:: how did he like the female scenery on his visit?
Tavares Kearney:: "Oh, it was alright. It was cold so I think a lot of the girls were inside, but it was pretty good."

courierdawg:: who's faster you or asher or thomas
Tavares Kearney:: "I'd have to say it's Thomas, then me, then Asher."

ugadawg004:: What is your ideal weight that the coaches want you at when you come to uga?
Tavares Kearney:: "The coaches said I'm fine at 203, but I'd like to gain 15-20 more pounds."

redbeanskookin:: TKO, can you hardly wait to play in Sanford?
Tavares Kearney:: "Oh yeah. That's gonna be big time. The Dawg Walk, I cant wait."

FlyFishDawg:: I believe TKO is a better prospect than Blackmon....Do you agree TKO?
Tavares Kearney:: "Oh yeah. 100%. I believe I'm the best. We played them at Auburn in a 7 on 7 camp and I almost ran him over. He thought he was a big man or something."

danieliroberts:: will he be at G-day?
Tavares Kearney:: "Yeah I'll be at G-Day. I have to weigh in over there."

ugadawg004:: Are you ready to hear TKO! TKO! from 94,000 fans in sanford stadium?
Tavares Kearney:: "That's gonna be great hearing that. I have to show up first and hold my end of the bargain."

Tavares Kearney:: "Just tell the fans that I cant wait to be there and get ready to win a lot."

Ryan Jordan:: "The Dawgpost would like to thank Tavares for joining us for this chat and everyone who submitted questions!"

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