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The new plan is based on a formula called the Academic Progress Rate, which calculates how many scholarship athletes each sport is keeping eligible and retaining each semester. <p> Here are the definitions and an example of the terms:


The NCAA will implement a new academic policy next year to punish teams that aren't moving players toward graduation at a satisfactory pace. The system is based on a score called the Academic Progress Rate, which is a percentage based solely on how many athletes are eligible and in school each semester. The percentage is multiplied by 1,000 so the actual APR figure is a whole number. Teams that fall below the acceptable standard of 925 (less for some small teams) will lose one scholarship for one year for each athlete it had the previous year who was ineligible for a semester and did not return for that semester. Only scholarship athletes count toward the score. The NCAA will release the APR of every Division I sports team in the country this Monday. Individual athletes performance cannot be released because of federal privacy laws.

Each athlete can score four points per year, one for being eligible each semester and one for being in school each semester. Every athlete on a team can have a score ranging from 0/2 to 4/4. Every athlete's score is added to come up with an each team's percentage. A small team, such as golf, might have eight athletes. If seven of them scored a perfect 4/4 and one scored an 0/2, the team's score would be 28/30 or 93 percent.

Georgia men's basketball team currently has an APR of 853, which is based on last year and is below the acceptable number. If the Bulldogs' score remains unacceptable after data from this academic year is averaged in, the team will lose one scholarship for each player it had in the previous year that was not eligible for the upcoming semester and did not return for that semester. Sports cannot lose more than 10 percent of their maximum allowed scholarships, so the basketball team could lose no more than two scholarships. |UGA'S APRS|

|Men's sports|

Baseball 916*
Basketball 853
Cross country 969
Football 930
Golf 1,000
Swimming 973
Tennis 971
Track 887
|Women's sports|

Basketball 913*
Cross country 972
Golf 1,000
Gymnastics 983
Soccer 979
Softball 972
Swimming 991
Tennis 921*
Track 913*
Volleyball 1,000

*These teams are below the normal cut line of 925 but cannot be penalized because their sports are allowed a "confidence interval" because they have a small number of athletes and are affected more by the fate of one athlete.

Go to www.uga.edu/sports-academics and click on APR Powerpoint
Go to www.ncaa.org and look under APR 101

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