Fabris to return to Georgia

NORMAN, Okla. - Jon Fabris, who was announced earlier this week as the new defensive ends coach at Oklahoma, has resigned his position citing family concerns.

"This is in no way a negative reflection on Oklahoma, Coach (Bob) Stoops or the OU football program," Jon Fabris said. "I want to be clear about that. Everything has been handled very professionally. I just have some personal matters that need to be addressed. There is no more to it than that."

Stoops said Fabris' motives were honorable.

"I fully understand and respect Jon's reasoning in making this decision," said OU head coach Bob Stoops. "There were some issues that Jon thought could be worked out, but now it appears that it would be best for him to return to Georgia. He's making the decision for the right reasons. We all respect him for taking this kind of stand."

Stoops said he hopes to fill the vacancy on his staff soon.

"There are plenty of good candidates out there and we have time before spring practice begins so I am still comfortable with our time table," Stoops said. "We'll hire someone as soon as possible."

Stoops added that all other personnel changes that were announced at the time of Fabris' hiring will remain in place and a defensive ends coach will be hired to replace Fabris.

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