Interactive Chat Re-Cap With Georgia Commitment

The format for the chat was as follows: Brandon Wood was on the telephone with Ryan Jordan of Ryan fielded questions from members of the Dawgpost in the chat room, and relayed them to Wood. Brandon then answered, and Ryan relayed the answers back to the members of the Dawgpost via the chat room.

Ryan Jordan:: Alright, I've got Brandon on the line and were ready for questions.

cordeledog1:: favorite food ?
Brandon Wood:: "I love Subway."

AlDog:: Who was his favorite UGA player last year?
Brandon Wood:: "I liked David Pollack. He just never stops. He never gives up. He's a hard nose player and he'll hit you. I love how he fires off the line."

ugasilverbritches:: What arer your #'s in the weight room?
Brandon Wood:: "I max out at 350 bench, squat 550 and power clean 345."

ugadawg004:: Brandon, what number do you want to wear at uga?
Brandon Wood:: "I'd love to wear 24, but that's probably not going to happen. The number I really, really want is retired, so I'll take 45."

brickbat:: what position are you being recruited for....and WELCOME!
Brandon Wood:: "I'm being recruited at defensive end."

cordeledog1:: favorite vocalist or group ?
Brandon Wood:: "I like Little John and Pastor Troy. All the down south people."

ugasilverbritches:: 40 time?
Brandon Wood:: "I run a 4.6"

Scott Kennedy:: Bigger thrill... a sack or a touchdown run?
Brandon Wood:: "Aww man... Touchdown run. Both of them get the crowd hyped up though... Man I don't really know. I love both of them."

AlDog:: What other sports do you play?
Brandon Wood:: "I play basketball and run track."

ugadawg004:: who do you look forward to beating the most at uga?
Brandon Wood:: "I want to beat Florida. They've been beating on us a little bit and I really want to get Auburn also because they got us last year."

NVaDawg:: why did you decide to commit to GA so early
Brandon Wood:: "It was basically because I wanted to concentrate on my academics, and Georgia was my #1 school."

cordeledog1:: favorite sport's moment ?
Brandon Wood:: "Hmmm.. When I was 9 or 10 in a playoff game there was 2 outs and I was on second and a dude hit a ball to centerfield and I slid into home to win the game. I still remember that junk. I haven't had that many big football moments in HS yet because we've kind of struggled."

NVaDawg:: who is the best player you have ever played against
Brandon Wood:: "I'd have to say this guy from Douglas County. This safety #5. He was on me all night. He was not scared to come up and hit me. I like that."

ugasilverbritches:: Favorite Pro team?
Brandon Wood:: "I like the Falcons."

jacketssuck:: Who player or future player do you look forward to playing with? Brandon Wood:: "I'm not real sure which player. Just the whole team in general."

courierdawg:: whats your best play so far
Brandon Wood:: "My best play was a 75yd TD on the first play of the game against an Alabama school."

mikefree:: Did our coaches ever mention you playing offense
Brandon Wood:: "They have never really mentioned offense too much. They liked how I run the ball though. They talked a little bit about maybe running it down around the goal line."

elovely1:: What is your favorite subject in school
Brandon Wood:: "My favorite subject is history."

cordeledog1:: beyonce or J LO ?
Brandon Wood:: "I got to go with J-Lo. They're both the truth though!"

NVaDawg:: in track what events do you run and what are your times
Brandon Wood::"I run the 4x1, the 100m and the shot put and discuss. My best event is the shot put."

brickbat:: are there any (many) other major prospects on your hs team?
Brandon Wood:: "Not really. I think my cousin may be big down the road and we have another CB."

shawbones:: size shoe
Brandon Wood:: "I wear a 13 shoe."

shawbones:: what wt do they want him at
Brandon Wood:: "They haven't told me a weight yet. I'll probably stay around the 240 range."

jacketssuck:: Do you hate GaTech Univ.?
Brandon Wood:: "Oh yeah. I hate the colors they wear."

NVaDawg:: what Ga coach recruited you?
Brandon Wood:: "Coach Bobo recruited me."

shawbones:: what does he think about CMR
Brandon Wood:: "Aw, he's awesome. I love his coaching style. He's a great Christian guy too."

shawbones:: what one attribute of his game does he need to work on most
Brandon Wood:: "I need to get a little bit quicker. That's what I want to do."

AlDog:: Will he be at G-Day? Will he come to several games next year?
Brandon Wood:: "I have to take the ACT on the day of G-Day. I'll be at a lot of UGA games. I'm looking forward to the Auburn game."

cordeledog1:: what Ol recruit would you most like to see UGA sign for the '06 class
Brandon Wood:: "There was a big ole dude at the camp (Kennedy/CES Combine). Lionel Mapp. That dude is humongous... jeeze."

elovely1:: Are you going to help UGA recruit guys? If so, do you have any in mind?
Brandon Wood:: "Yeah I'm going to try to recruit some guys. I like this guy at Heard County... I can't remember his name right now. (Carlos Brown)"

ugasilverbritches:: While playing RB do you like running over your opponent or shaking him?
Brandon Wood:: "I like running them over. I ain't allowed to shake. The coach won't let me. If I shake someone, the coach takes me out if I shake somebody. He thinks Im supposed to roll people. We've got a RB to do that."

Brandon Wood:: "Tell them I wont disappoint them. I'm going to try and be better than David Pollack. That's my goal."

Ryan Jordan:: The Dawgpost would like to thank Brandon for joining us for this chat and everyone who submitted questions!

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