Tilley Talks Dawgs

Lee Tilley is an Ohio OL that's drawn quite a bit of attention from schools throughout the country so far this year. Four of those schools have stepped up thus far with an offer and that includes the Georgia Bulldogs. Where does Mark Richt's squad stand with Tilley in the early going?

"Well, I like Georgia, Kansas, North Carolina State and Nebraska right now. Basically they're all even at this point," Lee Tilley said.

Why have the Dawgs made his early list?

"I'm really interested in Georgia because they offered me so early. I like the football program and the academic side. They have nice weather and it's close to Atlanta. What can you say? It's Georgia. They've also been extremely successful. I like how them and Kansas just came out and offered me."

Georgia's OL coach is recruiting Lee.

"I think Coach Calloway is a great coach and he's on the up and up with you."

The Buckeye State product is looking to take a trip to Athens in the very near future.

"I'm trying to get down to Georgia for G-Day. I think that I'm on spring break that weekend. I'm looking forward to seeing the weight room because that's where you're going to spend most of your time at as a football player. I also want to meet Coach Richt."

What has he been told about the depth situation at UGA?

"I heard the OL's at Georgia are mostly juniors so they'll be leaving in two years and they'll have some openings. I don't sit on the bench for my entire four years. I'm trying to go somewhere that if I work hard then I'll get to play."

How would Tilley describe his attributes as a football player?

"I'm very coachable. I'm farther ahead as a pass blocker at this time. I just need some more experience overall."

Might he make an early decision?

"I'm going to probably take at least 4 visits officially and see some other schools. See what they have to offer."

Does he have a major picked out?

"I'm going to try and major in business or psychology. I like psychology because we have that class at our school and I like hearing about the parts of the human psyche."

Lee has an uncle and a couple of cousins in the Stone Mountain area. We'll keep you up to date on this UGA line target as we progress further into 2005.

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