Adams challenges himself this spring

ATHENS – The start of spring practice might not have been ideal for one of Georgia's offensive linemen.

"I broke my hand doing mat drills," said sophomore Chester Adams. "I fell on it wrong."

Adams could be the future at tight tackle for the Bulldogs, so this spring is critical in his development as an offensive lineman. The injury would likely sideline skill players, but on the offensive line a player can get away with a broken hand just by wrapping it up.

"Coach Neil Callaway wants me to do everything so I won't miss any drills. Hopefully by the middle of spring they will be able to cut the cast down to half," Adams said.

But for the time being Adams will be forced to participate in practice with a club on his right hand. Georgia Foster was the last Georgia player to play with a club-like device on his hand. That and the fact that both play offensive line combine to make Adams an easy target for fun-loving teammates and their ribbings. Adams is now being referred to as "Big Foster" rather than his old nickname of "Big Cheese".

"He had a club himself," said Adams.

Currently the second string tight tackle, Adams did not redshirt last season. He played in a few games, but never in critical situations. This spring will be a time for him to prove to Callaway that he deserves to get as much playing time as possible – even during important drives.

"Right now I am working on footwork. I have to stay low also. That's what it's going to take for me to start at the collegiate level. This spring will really tell the story – am I really ready to play at the collegiate level or not?" said Adams.

If the first practice of the spring was any indication, Adams will not get any slack from Callaway because of his cast. Callaway let Adams know that he "was not going to get out of a thing" because of the injury.

"It's something that I am used to because I had a college coach (former Alabama head coach Mike Dubose) in high school," he said. "You have to play hard – that's basically it. If you want to succeed you have to practice hard."

Dennis Roland's success at tackle is something Adams aspires to. Although Callaway mentioned that a move to guard for Adams "is not out of the question" it seems more likely that Adams will be starting opposite Daniel Inman at tackle in 2006.

"I've just got to work my way up. Hopefully, I'll be able to back Dennis up some and we'll switch out some during games. I am really looking forward to a spot next year after he leaves," Adams said.

Chester Adams

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