Richt wants recievers to step up now

ATHENS – Georgia's spring practices continued on Monday as the Bulldogs practiced in shorts with no shoulder pads.

"Today was a lot better," said Georgia head coach Mark Richt. "I suspected that there was a little loafing going on out there on Saturday, and as I looked at the film it turned out to be true. Part of that is my fault because I didn't explain the drills we were running as well as I should have."

Richt went on to add that today's practice was a return to the Bulldogs' regular routine. "Today our guys were running around like Georgia football (players)."

Richt expressed his concern about the wide receiver position. The head coach said there was pleanty of playing time to go around for a reciver that was willing to step up and get it.

"I'm looking for a couple of wide receivers to step up. There's a lot of playing time out there for the ones that do. Right now I don't see anyone standing out. Sean Bailey is above the rest, but he still has work to do," said Richt.

The head coach also made a plea to the wide receivers who just signed with the Bulldogs. "Stay in shape and get here in the summer as soon as possible to learn the offense. They'll get a shot."

Richt also added that D.J. Shockley "looked twice as good" as he did in the Bulldogs' first practice.

Tra Battle might miss some time in the near future with a back injury. Richt said the safety was in a car accident last night and did not have his seat belt on. There is no word on whether Battle will have surgery.


Green Jersey report (Injured players and all quarterbacks) – Marcus Jackson (DNP), Jarvis Jackson (DNP), Jemario Smith (back), Steve White, Olaolu Sanni-Osomo, Kregg Lumpkin (Knee), Dale Dixson (was not in green, but DNP), Tra Battle (back – was in a car accident)

It appears Kregg Lumpkin has been spending his injured time in the weight room. Lumpkin seems bigger in the arms. However, he is still limited in his mobility due to a knee brace he is wearing to help him recover from the ACL injury which occurred last August.

Gunners that worked with Kirby Smart and Willie Martinez today were: Mike Gilliam, Mikey Henderson, Thomas Flowers, Antonio Sims, Paul Oliver, Demario Minter, and running back Thomas Brown.

At first it appeared Brown was just lining up on the offensive side of the ball, but after a few reps I noticed he was also lining up as a defender. He was one of the best gunners at practice today. He beat Gilliam badly on one drill and more than held his own with Minter.

On another special teams note, Jon Fabris, who is not one for showering praise on a player, gave Brannan Southerland a "that-a-boy" today during special teams drills.

Mario Raley, who is returning from a redshirt season, and Demiko Goodman worked out with the quarterbacks a lot today. Raley seems back to normal in the sense that he is healthy now. Goodman continues to be a work in progress. He dropped at least three catchable balls during drills, but made at least one fine grab as well. Wide receivers coach Jon Eason worked with Goodman nearly the entire passing drill at the start of practice. Goodman, who is running track, still seems to struggle with the footwork needed for the position.

"Quit dragging your feet at the end of the routes," said Eason to Goodman at one point during that drill.

Georgia's quarterbacks looked better as a group today, but D.J. Shockley is clearly the class of the bunch. Shockley had only one bad throw during early passing drills – he had several on Saturday. His spiral is tight, and he seems to have no problem getting the ball out wide to his receivers on cross-field throws. However, quarterbacks coach Mike Bobo insisted that Shockley and the rest of the quarterbacks improve their accuracy in terms of where the ball is placed when the receiver catches it.

Too often the quarterbacks were delivering the ball away from the receivers' bodies; in other words the ball was on target, but too high or too wide, thus interfering with the receivers' ability to run with the ball after the throw. Shockley seems to be getting better, however, with that aspect of his game.

Blake Barnes is struggling with that, however. Mark Richt said Saturday that he hoped Barnes would quit being so robotic with the ball during his throws. Perhaps that is one reason Barnes struggles at times to deliver the ball perfectly to the spot on the receiver where Bobo wants it. Joe Tereshinski's improvement over the last two seasons can not be understated. He has come a long way in the last 24 months. His throws are on target and he seems to flow better in Georgia's passing game.

David Greene, David Pollack, and Billy Bennett were all at the Butts-Mehere building during practice.


"I'm still trying to get back into the swing of things. This has been an enjoyable time. It's fun to be out there with Coach Callaway. We have a very good air about ourselves Everything starts up front with the offensive line and we know that. Right now I am competing to start. Nick (Jones) and I are going to have a good competition" – Josh Brock on returning to the offensive line and his role in it.

"So far so good – I want to relax and have fun and get better every day. It's a fight every day to compete. As of today I'm getting a lot of the time at number one running back, but Danny's getting a lot of time, too. He's also working with the fullbacks some." – Thomas Brown on his standing at running back.

"There's a lot of competition between the offense and the defense right now. In the last couple of days we've made a lot of improvement. We made a lot of plays today. We went the first 10 or 11 plays before we had a drop." – D.J. Shockley on his day.

"I don't plan on sitting out for very long." – Tra Battle on having his back injured in a car accident last night.

"Today was improved. We made progress from practice one to practice two." John Jancek.

"I can't wait to get the pads on Thursday" – Daniel Inman.

"They picked up some things that number twos have not picked up in the past." – Mark Richt on the number two offensive line picking up blitzers. He was very pleased with the offensive line as a whole.

"I wonder if we are going to be able to block him." – Richt on defensive end Charles Johnson during scrimmages.

"He gets at least a pick or two a practice." – Richt on safety Kelin Johnson. Johnson will likely slide into Battle's starting spot even though he is listed at the backup behind Greg Blue. If Johnson does not move there, Antonio Sims will be the number one.

"I have been very impressed by him. He's sharp enough to help other guys around him." Richt on returning linebacker Tony Taylor and his leadership skills.

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