Interactive Chat Re-Cap With Georgia Signee

The format for the chat was as follows: Corey Moon was on the telephone with Ryan Jordan of Ryan fielded questions from members of the Dawgpost in the chat room, and relayed them to Moon. Corey then answered, and Ryan relayed the answers back to the members of the Dawgpost via the chat room.

Ryan Jordan:: Alright I've got Corey on the line and were ready for questions...

ugadawg004:: what position are you gonna play at uga?
Corey Moon:: "I'm going to play Defensive End."

stumpydawg:: Welcome to UGA! What are you doing to prepare yourself?
Corey Moon:: "Right now I'm working out with a trainer and I'm lifting every day. Saturday I do running work and play 7 on 7."

ugasilverbritches:: What are your #'s in the weight room?
Corey Moon:: "I haven't maxed out in either but I work out with 300 on the bench and 400 on the squat."

kevinuga:: what is Corey's present height and weight and what weight do the coaches want him to report at?
Corey Moon:: "Right now I'm 6'5 240lbs and they want me to be about 255-260"

richtfan:: who was the best tackle you played against this year
Corey Moon:: "I'd have to say Duke Robinson was the best I played."

ugadawg004:: Which team are you looking forward to beating the most while at UGA?
Corey Moon:: "I don't have any special team, but if I have to pick one it would be Auburn. They went undefeated last year so it would be nice to beat them."

stumpydawg:: How exciting is it to be a big part of the number one defensive line class in the nation?
Corey Moon:: "Truthfully I'm very excited but how I carry myself people wouldn't think so because I always feel I can do better. What I've done on the field has really pulled my family together so I'm proud of that."

pater15:: will you play or redshirt next year?
Corey Moon:: "They want me to play this year."

courierdawg:: when will you report to uga
Corey Moon:: "They haven't given me an exact date but I'll go in June."

ugasilverbritches:: Do you play any other sports?
Corey Moon:: "I play basketball and tennis. They came to me and got me to play tennis this year instead of running track."

pater15:: what # would you like to have?
Corey Moon:: "I don't really care about numbers. I feel the player makes the number."

NVaDawg:: What is the best hit you have ever delivered in a game
Corey Moon:: "As far as making a tackle we were on the goal line on 3rd and short and I got to the backfield before the FB got the ball, picked him up and slammed him."

stumpydawg:: Have you gotten to know a lot of the other recent commits? Any idea who you'd room with?
Corey Moon:: "Right now I'm not sure who I'm rooming with but there are some guys from Decatur going there for academics so I may room with him."

ugasilverbritches:: Are you any good at tennis?
Corey Moon:: "Yeah I'm pretty good at tennis. I've probably got more trophies in tennis than any other sport. I've been playing since I was little."

ugadawg004:: How does it feel to know that you will be on NCAA football 2006?
Corey Moon:: "I don't even know how to describe that. I'm going to have everybody get that game. I'm gonna bring some money to EA Sports."

pater15:: are you gonna make dawg fans forget about d pollack?
Corey Moon:: "I ain't going to make them forget David, I'm just going to make them know about Corey. I plan on talking to David and learning all I can."

ugasilverbritches:: Who is you favorite player for the Dawgs?
Corey Moon:: "From the games I've seen, it's David Pollack. He works hard all the time."

pater15:: do you think you can win the battles against the big tackles in the SEC?
Corey Moon:: "Yeah because I feel I'm quicker than them. I don't want to outsize them, I just want to beat them."

jacketssuck:: What is your favorite part about UGA or Athens?
Corey Moon:: "The fan support is great. To come there on the Dawg Walk and have people knowing your name is just a great feeling."

NVaDawg:: Is there any other player - college or pro that you try to play like or that you particularly admire
Corey Moon:: "I admire Michael Strahan a lot."

danieliroberts:: Do you prefer Left or Right DE
Corey Moon:: "It don't care what side I play on."

ugadawg004:: What QB do you want to sack the most next year? Reggie Ball?
Corey Moon:: "I want all of them. As long as I get a couple of hits on each one, they'll feel me."

stumpydawg:: favorite food?
Corey Moon:: "I eat it all. I'm greedy. The coaches already know. They've seen me eat."

redbeanskookin:: Girlfriend?
Corey Moon:: "Yeah I've got a girlfriend. I just broke up with a 8 monther at Georgia State, but I've got a new one."

redbeanskookin:: What did he think of the new athletic dorms?
Corey Moon:: "Ah man they were great. I loved them. That was one reason I chose Georgia."

ugadawg004:: Beyonce or JLo?
Corey Moon:: "Aww shoot... I'll take them both. I can't choose."

kevinuga:: has he been working on any of his pass rushing techniques?
Corey Moon:: "Me and my trainer have worked on some things. I work with Felipe Claybrooks as well and he helps me out with some technique. We practice at just keeping the lineman's hands off of me."

ugasilverbritches:: Predict the score against BSU
Corey Moon:: "I don't know about the score. Were going to try and blow out everybody."

RalphMachio:: how do you feel about playin in sanford stadium?
Corey Moon:: "I just know I'm ready. I know it's going to be real exciting and I know the fans are looking forward to seeing what I can do. I just want to be hyped up for it."

pater15:: do you have a nickname that you like
Corey Moon:: "I like Moonie. They can call me that. One of the assistants calls me manchild."

jacketssuck:: What is the one thing you would like the Dawgnation to know about you?
Corey Moon:: "I let my actions speak louder than my words. I want them to know that."

kevinuga:: how much influence did his parents have on his choice of UGA?
Corey Moon:: "That's the big part. My mom loved it so that had to be by my choice."

ApuNahasapeemipetilon:: coming up to G-Day?
Corey Moon:: "Oh yeah I'll be at G-Day. We have to weigh in."

RalphMachio:: whos your favorite coach on the staff?
Corey Moon:: "I guess you can say Garner or the DE coach. I like Coach Fab."

redbeanskookin:: Has he met any of the other DL's?
Corey Moon:: "I've met Kedric and Gerald."

Corey Moon:: "I'm looking forward to getting to Athens and keep a look out for me!"

Ryan Jordan:: We would like to thank Corey for joining us for this chat and all the members who submitted questions!

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