Signing Day Press Conference Quotes

Georgia Pleased with 2002 Recruiting Class

Quotes from Recruiting Coordinator and Defensive Line Coach Rodney Garner - Feb. 6, 2002

"We are extremely excited about this year's class. This coaching staff, current players and support staff have worked hard to bring in this type of class.

"We feel like we were able to address the needs of our team. Our main concerns were at offensive line and defensive back. We got some skill position kids and helped the overall team speed.

"We feel like the type of athletes in this class are the type that will represent this institution in a positive manner. All of these young men are men of character and integrity and will represent the University of Georgia in a positive manner on and off the field.

"For the first time in a long time we feel like we didn't lose too many guys on signing day. The stability (of the coaching staff) plays a large part in the recruiting process. The longer this staff stays together the more success we will begin to see.

"Winning (rilvary) games is a factor when it comes to these young men deciding where they are going to school. The type of kids we want to attract are competitors, but a lot of other things go into the equation.

"During this recruiting process you find that kids and their parents feel comfortable with Coach Richt. Coach Richt and this staff have done a good job and they let the players know that we care about them as individuals first."

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