Georgia LB Holds Ten Offers

Toryan Smith is one of the top linebacker prospects in the south and the Rome, GA star is beginning to rake in offers left and right. He's now pushed his scholarship total to double digits. Who all has jumped on board?

"Michigan and Alabama were the first two to offer. Georgia, Auburn and Florida offered this week. Notre Dame, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Duke and Maryland have also offered me," Toryan Smith said.

Who stands the best chance to land him right now?

"Right now I'd have to say Alabama, Auburn, Georgia, Florida and Oklahoma are at the top."

Why does he list each of those programs?

Alabama: "They're getting back on track. They had the #2 defense in the country last season and they feature a big middle linebacker like myself on their defense."

Auburn: "They have a good tradition with linebackers. They got Tray Blackmon this year and they're one of the top teams in the country. They're doing it real big."

Georgia: "They're the hometown team and my father played there in the 80's. I've been a big time UGA fan my whole life. They got Coach Martinez this year as defensive coordinator and he seems really intense. That's my kind of coach."

Florida: "The Gators have a new coaching staff but they kept the defensive coordinator. He sounds like he's pretty tough. They told me I reminded them of Channing Crowder. In Florida, you know they've got the best athletes in the world."

Oklahoma: "They've had a lot of former Butkus winners in the past so they have a good tradition at linebacker. They've played for the National title 3 out of the last 5 years so they're always winning."

Toryan has been making the rounds on the college visit circuit thus far this season.

"I went to Alabama on a Tuesday a few weeks ago. I like the town and they have a great defensive coach in Joe Kines. I sat in on their meetings and I felt at home there.

"I went to Georgia last Saturday to watch the first practice. I have been there a bunch but it's a great college town and I really like it a lot. I played against most of the players in high school so I know them already. I also got to follow Coach Jancek around all day when he went to talk to the media and do some other things."

"I went to Tennessee this weekend. They're pretty strong. They didn't offer me although they told my coach they were going to so that kind of hurt them a little bit."

Smith has three more unofficials already planned.

"I'm going to Oklahoma and Nebraska next weekend and I'm going to Florida the following week after that. I'm trying to squeeze in Notre Dame somewhere in there also."

Rome High School is expected to announce their new head football coach later this afternoon.

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