Georgia Pro Day rundown

ATHENS – Every NFL team had at least one scout in attendance to see the University of Georgia's Pro Day. From all accounts the scouts were not disappointed.

Players attending:

David Pollack, David Greene, Thomas Davis, Fred Gibson, Reggie Brown, Odell Thurman, Arnold Harrison, Jeremy Thomas, Robert Brannon, Kenny Bailey, Evan Wells, Brandon Carley, James Johnson (Nebraska-Omaha), and Tavaris Morgan (South Carolina State).

Raw Data:

Reggie Brown 6-1 ½; 195 lbs; Arms 32 inches; Hands 9 ¼ inches; 13 bench reps (5 not counted by scouts in attendance for not keeping butt to the bench mat or DNQ); 4.37 / 4.36 40-yard; DNP Broad Jump; DNP Vertical

Thomas Davis 6-0 6/8; 227 lbs; Arms 32 ½ inches; Hands 10 ¼ inches; 12 bench reps; 4.45 / 4.44 40-yard; 9' 2" / 9' 4" Broad Jump (jumps of 9' 10" and 9' 6" DNQ); DNP Vertical

Fred Gibson 6-3 7/8; 196 lbs; Arms 33 ¼ inches; Hands 9 5/8 inches; DNP bench reps; 4.40 / 4.45 40-yard; DNP Broad Jump; DNP Vertical

David Greene 6-3 0/8; 226 lbs; Arms 33 ¾ inches; Hands 10 1/8 inches; DNP bench reps; DNP 40-yard; DNP Broad Jump; DNP Vertical

Arnold Harrison 6-2 6/8; 236 lbs; Arms 32 7/8 inches; Hands 9 inches; 16 bench reps (3 reps DNQ) ; 4.65 / 4.67 40-yard; 9' 7" / 9' 9" Broad Jump; 34 ½ inches Vertical

David Pollack 6-2 3/8; 270 lbs; Arms 31 ½ inches; Hands 10 inches; DNP bench reps; DNP 40-yard; DNP Broad Jump; DNP Vertical

Odell Thurman 6-0 0/8; 233 lbs; Arms 32 5/8 inches; Hands 10 3/8 inches; 23 bench reps (1 rep DNQ); 4.56 / 4.60 40-yard; DNP Broad Jump; DNP Vertical

Jeremy Thomas 5-10 5/8; 245 lbs; Arms 30 ¾ inches; Hands 9 7/8 inches; 20 bench reps (1 rep DNQ); (Note: Thomas ran twice, but I did not catch his numbers) 40-yard; 9' 0" / 8' 7" Broad Jump; 30 ½ Vertical

Evan Wells 6-1 1/4; 195 lbs; Arms 31 ½ inches; Hands 9 inches; 13 bench reps (4 reps DNQ); 9' 2" Broad Jump; DNP Vertical


Kenny Bailey 5-10 0/8; 190 lbs; Arms NR; Hands NR; 11 bench reps; 9' 6" / 9' 8" Broad Jump; 36 Vertical

Robert Brannon 6-3 1/8; 247 lbs; Arms NR; Hands NR; 25 bench reps (1 rep DNQ); 8' 1" / 8' 6 ½" Broad Jump; 32 ½ Vertical

Brandon Carley 6-2 5/8; 198 lbs; Arms NR; Hands NR; DNP bench reps; 8' 10" / 8' 11" Broad Jump; 30 Vertical

Tavaris Morgan 5-10 1/8; 193 lbs; Arms NR; Hands NR; DNP bench reps; 8' 4" / 9' 4" Broad Jump; 35 ½ Vertical

James Johnson 5-8 ½; 185 lbs; Arms NR; Hands NR; 17 bench reps; 9' 7 ½" / 10' 0" Broad Jump; 36 ½ Vertical


News and Notes:

David Pollack might not have worked out extensively in Athens, but he was getting a lot of attention from several teams. Teams watching Pollack work out included the Buffalo Bills, St. Louis Rams, Atlanta Falcons, Kansas City Chiefs, Oakland Raiders, Cincinnati Bengals, and Baltimore Ravens.

Of all of the teams watching it was the Ravens that took the most active role in speaking with Pollack after he was finished with his defensive line drills. Scouts from the Ravens actually engaged in hand-to-hand impromptu drills involving Pollack and one of the scouts. Pollack was seen pulling, grabbing, and pushing Baltimore's largest scout – who of course was instructing him to do so.

Pollack also worked out at linebacker under current Jacksonville Jaguars linebackers coach Brian VanGorder. Pollack was not the only player working at linebacker and another position. Thomas Davis also worked out with the linebackers as well as with the secondary.

"I think Pollack looked alright out there, but I think he's a three-point stance guy – that's what he does best," said linebacker Odell Thurman.

Pollack's roommate and longtime friend David Greene had a very busy day of workouts, even though he, too, did not participate in all of the designated drills. Greene, who was throwing in less than stellar conditions, put the ball on the money with the deep ball on more than one occasion. Greene was most comfortable, and seemed most on target with his two former teammates, Fred Gibson and Reggie Brown.

"I felt like I got into a good rhythm once I got going today," said Greene. "I think one of the questions with me was my arm strength, and I think I did well with that today. I felt pretty good overall. I felt like I had a pretty good workout. I started off a little rusty and anxious, but once I got going I felt pretty good. If you are going to play in the NFL, you are going to get scrutinized about every little thing that you do. When you watch draft day, and listen to what people say about that first ten guys that go in the draft, it sounds like they are terrible, but that's just the way things are I guess."

The Atlanta Falcons, Baltimore Ravens, and Green Bay Packers seem very interested in Greene. Former Colorado and Washington Head Coach and current Ravens scout Rick Neuheisel spoke with Greene and his father. Greene has previously worked out for the Ravens.

Greene also spent a lot of time working with the Falcons and seemed headed to watch film with the team after the event. The Miami Dolphins are also interested in the left-handed quarterback. Greene will work out for the Dolphins on March 30th, as will the rest of the team. It now appears Green Bay and Miami are very seriously looking at Greene.

"When I was with Green Bay I was doing some bootlegs and roll outs because they want to see if I can fit into their scheme," said Greene. Greene said if he were to end up in Wisconsin that he would certainly pay attention to what Bret Farve had to say. "If that were the situation, I would come in there and I would be listening to every word he said. I would be hanging on everything he said. I think everyone would want to be like him."

"You can't be picky at this point – it's a draft. It's not like college recruiting where you get to pick," Greene said.

Davis came into today's events with something to prove with regard to his 40-yard dash time. He did not run as well in Indianapolis as he had hoped, but ran a 4.44 today.

"Does he look like a man or what?" said one observer of Davis.

All 40-yard dashes ran with the wind, which was something that Reggie Brown was disappointed about. Brown ran a 4.36, the best time of the day. One strange occurrence during the 40 runs was when linebacker Arnold Harrison, while running, told himself "relax".

"I just wish it wasn't windy, so that wouldn't even come into the question about the times," he said. Brown has been working with his high school coach from Carrollton for the last few years to maintain his blistering speed.

"I really felt like I didn't get loose until my second run," said Brown. Brown slipped during one of his runs, but recovered. "At least they can see that I can slip at the start and still run fast." Like the rest of the team, Brown will work out individually with the Dolphins, but he said he does not have any other workouts scheduled at this time.

"I felt like I did myself justice," said Brown. "It eliminated any doubt; I think this solidified things. I have been a little anxious lately, and I just wanted to come out here and do well."

Brown said the Falcons would be an ideal place for him to play. "That would be the best place for my family," he said.

Brown and teammate Fred Gibson may have opened the most eyes today. Both made several nice grabs, and both always took their catches into the end zone. Both worked out in front of all the attending scouts during their workout on Georgia's lower practice field.

The New England Patriots seemed very interested in linebacker Odell Thurman. Since Teddy Bruschi's unfortunate heart attack after the team's Super Bowl win, the team seems eager to get a good look at the junior.

"If they do take a linebacker I expect for me to be one of the top players they look at," he said.

The Patriots, Rams, Packers, and Jaguars all took good looks at Thurman today.

Fullback Jeremy Thomas was slowed by a leg injury he has been dealing with for the last two weeks. "It's difficult to have that happen right now at one of the most important times of the year," he said.

Robert Brannon worked out as a tight end as well as a defensive lineman.

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