Thomas suspension is pending, not final

Georgia coach <b>Jim Harrick</b> said Sunday that the Southeastern Conference office has not yet decided if forward <b>Steve Thomas</b> will be suspended for his role in a fight with Auburn's <b>Kyle Davis</b> Saturday.

Auburn's sports information department told reporters about two hours after Saturday's game that SEC commissioner Roy Kramer, who attended the game, had decided both Thomas and Davis will be suspended for one game.

On Sunday night, however, Harrick said the SEC officials will decide in a conference call today if Thomas will be suspended for Tuesday night's crucial home game against Florida.

"They tell me it hasn't been decided; they promised me they haven't made a decision,'' Harrick said in a telephone interview after his weekly radio show Sunday night. "We all are going to meet on a conference call (this) morning.''

Harrick said that in his film review of the altercation between Thomas and Davis, he did not see Thomas throw a punch.

"I wouldn't even call it a fight,'' Harrick said.

"I don't think Thomas threw a punch,'' Harrick said. "I don't. I don't know what the definition of a fight is, but my guy got hit twice, I know that, and he didn't land a punch.''

Added Harrick: "I hope (the SEC officials) do the right thing for Thomas.''

Video replays made available to reporters indicated Thomas threw an elbow and then swung his arm, but it was not clear if he hit Davis.

Officials Gary Maxwell and Olandis Poole each fell in the swarm of players and coaches near the Auburn bench late in Auburn's 75-72 win.

Shortly after the incident, Harrick was ejected from the game for arguing a foul call on Chris Daniels. He said he does not expect a reprimand from the league office.

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