Demario Minter wants to play in the BCS

"We want to get to the BCS. We are not that far away. Having talked with some of the other recruits and they say the same thing. We all want to play in the BCS." - Demario Minter on the future of the Georgia program.

It is hard to quantify how important the Georgia – Florida All Star Game really is. Demario Minter said that the game was one of the most important events leading up to his decision to go to Georgia.

"Everyone in that game was being recruited by Georgia. I liked the feel of the guys.  We had fun, we tripped out on one another and even though we got killed, it helped me decide on Georgia."

Minter, a cornerback from DeKalb County's Stephenson High School, has big goals, and knows that it is going to take a lot for the Dawgs to achieve the goals set by this recruiting class.

"We want to get to the BCS. We are not that far away.  Having talked with some of the other recruits and they say the same thing. We all want to play in the BCS."

Many would think that this is just talk from Minter and his classmates. But if Minter is any indication of the 2002 Georgia signing class, these Dawgs know what it takes to get to the top.

Demario Minter has excellent cover skills and is a dangerous kick returner. (Ryan Sanderson,
"Coach Martinez explained to me that the way that he treated me during the recruiting process was a lot different than the way things are when we actually get on campus. He shot it to me straight, he told me that it was going to be hard. I know that, I understand that we are going to have to work."

Minter first made significant contact with Georgia secondary coach Willie Martinez last summer when his high school team was at camp in Athens.  Minter said that he and Martinez "had a connection."

When asked about redshirting and the possibility that he might have that happen to him Minter responded, "I can deal with it. I know that it is possible that it (redshirting) might happen. But it is a long process. I would not take it the wrong way."

Minter also understands that to get into the BCS, Georgia is going to have to beat Florida.

"I look at Florida like this: It is a big rivalry game, and I am going to treat it that way. I mean, I know that they probably don't like us. That's ok, I won't like them either. This year's class has a lot of confidence in what we can do."

Minter is an ambitious young man that talked of getting to Athens early, enrolling core courses and concentration on a business degree.

"My family has a business and I know that it will take me exactly three and a half years to get the degree from Georgia. I will have to go to school each summer for both sessions, but I want to get to graduate school. I want to be in Georgia's MBA program."

It becomes clear that one reason that redshirting does not bother Minter so much is because his focus is on school as well as sport.

"I want to get in and get out and get back to the family business."

In the meantime, Minter will have the business of preparing to shut down the top receivers in the SEC. He graduates on May 24th, and says that he will be in Athens in early June to start with classes. Minter also added that he will, along with other signees, be attending the G Day game at the end of Georgia's spring drills.

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