Georgia Widens Their Lead

Tony Wilson is a big target for quite a few schools this recruiting year. On Saturday he made a trip north to check out the Dawgs, and all that the visit served to do was stake Mark Richt's club out to even a wider advantage.

"Oh yeah. It definitely moved them out even further. I loved the fans and the atmosphere the most. It made me feel like I was in Daytona just walking to the beach and getting recognized from folks from Mainland. Everybody knew who I was. They were asking me for my autograph and everything," Tony Wilson said.

The Florida speedster was impressed by UGA's new dorms.

"The living conditions there are awesome. You don't share a bedroom with another person like you do at other places. You get a nice sized kitchen and living room. All that type of stuff."

Tony shared a personal moment with Coach Mark Richt during his time in Athens.

"I got to go up to Coach Richt's office. He told me they want me real bad. I told him I saw that documentary on him about him adopting his kids. He asked if I minded whether he asked me why I was living with my grandmother? I told him my parents just were having problems and split up when I was little and he just started crying right there in front of me. I just knew right then and there that there goes the father figure as well as the coach. It was really nice."

Wilson also saw just how bad the Dawgs want him.

"I went into the coach's office and I saw that I was number one on Georgia's recruiting board. That meant a lot. I know that they want me just as bad as they say they do now."

Just how big of an advantage does Georgia now hold over 2nd place Florida?

"I can't really say how big of a lead they have right now because I haven't visited Florida yet. I went over there for a track meet but we didn't stop at the football practice."

"I already know the scoop on Georgia and their receivers. They told me they needed them really bad and I saw for myself that they were telling the truth. Now I need to go and see if what the Florida coaches are telling me about only having 6 wide outs on scholarship and possibly 4 going to the draft after this year are true also."

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