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ATHENS – Georgia linebacker Derrick White was at the center of a large in fight in a downtown bar that led to his arrest and that of teammate Kedric Golston, according to an Athens-Clarke County police incident report.

Kedric Golston, though, ended up with the more severe charges after an incident at the Classic City Saloon around 2 a.m. Sunday morning. He was arrested and booked into the jail on charges of simple battery on a police officer, obstruction and disorderly conduct. Those charges came after the 6-foot-4, 292-pound Golston "came over insisting we let his friend (Derrick White) go. SPO Hofmann advised him several times to get back. He was so insistent, SPO Hofmann had to physically removed (sic) him which led to Hofmann placing him under arrest."

White, 6-2, 246, was charged only with disorderly conduct. White was released on $500 bond, while Golston's bond was $9,000. All charges in incident were misdemeanors.

Rodney Walker, Golston's high school coach at Sandy Creek High School, said he hadn't talked to Golston but had heard his former player was simply playing peacemaker.

"I heard that he was trying to break up the altercation and that the policeman grabbed him and Kedric turned around and pushed him not knowing who it was," Walker said. "If that's what he was doing, then maybe when the whole story gets told, it won't be as bad as it sounds. I can tell you this, if anybody is disappointed in how it went down, it's him."

Walker, formerly the coach at Peach County High School, said he would take Golston's side until his former player is proven wrong.

"There's always two sides, but I'm going to defend my young' un until somebody tells me something different than what I heard," he said. "I'm not trying to condone what went on. I've seen him break up fights at this school. I've seen him step in front of kids and not let him fight. I've seen so many good things. It doesn't sound like Kedric Golston to me. It's just so out of character."

Still, Golston and perhaps White face possible game suspensions. Coach Mark Richt learned of the incident early Sunday morning but had not announced a punishment for the players as of Monday evening. He suspended Marcus Howard and Randy McMichael for a game each for fights in 2003 and 2001. Last season, offensive tackle Daniel Inman avoided suspension after Richt said he investigated "whether or not" Inman had been involved in a fight.

Officers who responded to Sunday's incident found "a very large group of people scrambling out the front exit door," according to the report.

"Once I entered, I saw several people (males) what appeared to be fighting," the report started. "There were so many trying to get at each other, it was hard to tell who was fighting whom. I did observe White being very irate and being held back by some of his friends. I grabbed hold of Mr. White and advised him to settle down. He continued to be very aggressive."

At least one of the officers deployed pepper spray and his spring-loaded baton, which extends from six inches to more than two feet upon impact with a hard surface, "to gain control of the crowd as well as Mr. White," the report stated.

No one was hit with the baton, according to the report.

NOTE: Former Bulldog Randall Swoopes, who quit the team in March of last year, was arrested Monday and booked into the Clarke County jail on a charge of failure to appear.

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