Texas QB Takes In Georgia (Again)

Matthew Stafford is a prospect that Georgia would love to have as a member in its class of 2006. With D.J. Shockley in his last year of eligibility and no proven back up waiting in the wings, having a QB the caliber of Stafford entering school early, would be a great situation for the Bulldogs. This weekend he made his second trip to the Athens campus. How did it go?

"It went well. I liked it a lot. I met Mike Moore and some other prospects from my grade like Tony Wilson," Matthew Stafford said.

What was the best part of the trip?

"I liked going to practice and seeing how it's ran and all that. It was also great to see some of the game time atmosphere."

What all did he get to do while in the Classic City?

"I got there on Friday and then came home on Sunday morning. I went to practice on Friday then walked around with my sister on Saturday and went to the game because she's going to be going to school at Georgia next year. After that I just went out to eat with her. I didn't get to do that much after the game because I had to leave early in the morning to go home."

Matthew spent the most time with coach's Richt and Bobo.

"Coach Richt and Coach Bobo are always real laid back with me. They talk just normal stuff with me, not much recruiting at all. They did let me know I was at the top of their board."

Did the trip improve Georgia in his mind?

"I'm not sure if it improved them because I've always liked them. I did get to know the coach's and all that, a little bit better. I can't compare it to my visit at Texas because they are just like apples and oranges."

Is the plan to commit early still in the works for the Texas star?

"I'm still trying to make a decision before September. I still like the five schools I mentioned to you when we last talked."

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