Interactive Chat Re-Cap With Georgia Signee

The format for the chat was as follows: Bryan Evans was on the telephone with Ryan Jordan of Ryan fielded questions from members of the Dawgpost in the chat room, and relayed them to Evans. Bryan then answered, and Ryan relayed the answers back to the members of the Dawgpost via the chat room.

Ryan Jordan:: I've got Bryan on the line and were ready for questions..

danieliroberts:: how did he enjoy Gday
Bryan Evans:: "Well, G-Day was more than I expected. I didn't expect that many fans would be there. Both sides were pretty much filled up. It was just exciting trying to imagine how many fans would be there for a real game."

danieliroberts:: what does he feel he needs to work on the most
Bryan Evans:: "My speed is good and I'm getting my weight up. I would probably just say just stamina or endurance. Everything else is going pretty good."

RecruiterDawg:: have the coaches talked to you about the possibility of special teams work?
Bryan Evans:: "I'm looking to start on three things this year. Special teams wise, they want me at KR the 1st game of the season. Nickel back is another thing he really wants me to work on. He thinks I can become that 3rd CB. The last one is kickoff coverage. Running down the field."

ugadawg004:: Bryan, what is your fastest 40 time?
Bryan Evans:: "My fastest on grass was a 4.29. On a track it was 4.23"

RecruiterDawg:: is he planning on redshirting or playing this year?
Bryan Evans:: "Oh yeah I'm planning on playing. Redshirting is not even a thought." Bryan Evans:: "The main thing they were worried about was my weight. I'm at 184 now. I was 171 on signing day

RecruiterDawg:: have the coaches talked to you about running some offensive plays sometime in your career?
Bryan Evans:: "Yeah, they have mentioned it. This year they really want me on defense but they said they need quickness and speed in the slot possibly in the future. He asked me if I minded being used like Champ and I told him there was no problem with that."

courierdawg:: who was the best player you played against this year
Bryan Evans:: "Including the All-Star game, I'd have to say Pat Turner or Fred Rouse. They were the hardest 2 to stick"

RecruiterDawg:: is there any one team you are looking forward to playing next year?
Bryan Evans:: "The Florida Gators. I get a lot of trash talk about that now because a lot of folks thought I was going there. I get stuff from the players and the fans. Everybody in Jacksonville pretty much. I'm ready to prove them wrong."

danieliroberts:: what teams do u hate the most
Bryan Evans:: "Got to be the Gators once again"

ugadawg004:: Who number will you wear at UGA?
Bryan Evans:: "This year I have to get #7. Shockley has my number. I have to wait until he leaves and then earn it next year."

pater15:: bryan do you know the other recruits coming in from fla, who will you room with?
Bryan Evans:: "Me, Jeff (Owens, Mike (Moore) and Jamar (Chaney) are all rooming together. It was crazy down at G-Day with all those boys. We talk to each other all the time. It's gonna be the Florida Boys room"

danieliroberts:: what are u majoring in
Bryan Evans:: "I'm majoring in communications. If I don't make it in the league, I at least have to talk about it."

danieliroberts:: did he talk with tony wilson at gday
Bryan Evans:: "Oh yeah. Oh yeah. To tell you the truth, I told him he'd rather play me in practice than in a game so he better make the right choice."

ugadawg004:: Who is your favorite football player from UGA?
Bryan Evans:: "Ahh.. That's hard man because I used to be a running back and I liked Herschel. Now with me being a corner back, I have to go with Champ."

danieliroberts:: waht did he think of our corners at Gday
Bryan Evans:: "You know, I think a lot of them are solid but other than that I think I probably have a little more speed and I'm physical. I like to hit. Everyone tells me I'm a cover corner, but they are going to understand that I love to hit."

RecruiterDawg:: did you grow up a fan of any school in particular?
Bryan Evans:: "I was a big FSU and Georgia fan."

RecruiterDawg:: have the coaches sent you a playbook or anything to work on til you get to UGA?
Bryan Evans:: "I got a couple of playbooks. I'm studying the offensive plays right now and when I get that, I guess they'll send me another."

ugadawg004:: Are you qualified?
Bryan Evans:: "Right now I am qualified."

pater15:: bryan, ga used to sign quite a few players outof Jax, why dont we get more these days, is it changing
Bryan Evans:: "It is changing. Tell the Florida fans I apologize if a lot of Florida players start going to Georgia, but it's going to be a bunch. I know plenty right now that are dreaming of getting to Georgia. Florida players aren't scared to leave the state."

RecruiterDawg:: is there anything in particular you are working extra hard to improve on such as technique, strength, etc.?
Bryan Evans:: "I'm in the weight room trying to get big. I'm working on getting that jam and messing up their first step."

pater15:: are you the kind of corner that can take away one side of the field from opponents?
Bryan Evans:: "That's what I feel I can do. Leave me on an island and believe I can do it." Bryan Evans:: "They're going to start calling my side of the field ‘The Gilligan'"

ugadawg004:: Do you play any other sports in high school?
Bryan Evans:: "I run track now. I haven't played basketball since 11th grade."

RecruiterDawg:: are your family members big UGA fans?
Bryan Evans:: "My whole family is from Georgia. Everybody. Were spread out across Florida now but my mom and my dad's side are both from Georgia."

ugadawg004:: Who is your favorite UGA coach?
Bryan Evans:: "Man I got to say Martinez. I can't say anything bad about him. I can't have him putting me on the bench!"

RecruiterDawg:: what do you think about Willie Martinez now being the defensive coordinator?
Bryan Evans:: "It's beautiful, now he gets to call his shots. Anytime he wants to send a CB on a blitz, he don't have to ask."

pater15:: were you the fastest guy at the Army game? I thought you might be
Bryan Evans:: "Personally, I think I was but I don't like to brag on myself so I don't know. Deshaun Jackson was pretty fast too. I'd probably say they underrate Demetrius Morley's speed. He's pretty dang fast."

RecruiterDawg:: is there any WR right now in the SEC he wants to shut down the most?
Bryan Evans:: "To tell you the truth, anyone they put me on I hope I make it a terrible day for them."

pater15:: do you think Martinez is going to change our defense, or stay with Van Gorder's schemes?
Bryan Evans:: "I think he likes Van Gorder's scheme but he's going to add a little more stuff to it. Some more blitzing"

RecruiterDawg:: what does he think of the rest of our recruiting class this year?
Bryan Evans:: "Shoot... Underrated. Half of these people that's 3 stars, they deserved to play in the All American game. Jeff, I really don't believe he's 14th in the country to tell you the truth. A lot of folks are gonna be surprised when they hear these guys names next year, instead of 3 or 4 years."

ugadawg004:: What is your favorite food?
Bryan Evans:: "I love gator tail."

RecruiterDawg:: is the perception of UGA changing down in gatorland?
Bryan Evans:: "Man, I got so many peoples head done switched. I'm loving it."

pater15:: what do you think about our game with Boise?
Bryan Evans:: "They're not a push over, so we have to practice like were playing the best in the nation. They have a powerful offense so we have to stop that."

RecruiterDawg:: you think you can handle the speed of the toughest conference in the country?
Bryan Evans:: "Yeah, I think so. We play in Florida and that's where a lot of the speed and talent comes from."

ugadawg004:: Bryan, what is your personality like on and off the field?
Bryan Evans:: "On the field it doesn't matter who you are. Unless your a teammate, I don't know you. Off the field, I'm a great person. I like to make people laugh."

RecruiterDawg:: what do you think about the women at UGA?
Bryan Evans:: "Lovely, it's beautiful."

Bryan Evans:: "I just want to tell Georgia fans that I appreciate all the love at G-Day. They showed the Florida recruits a lot of love at G-Day. How I'm talking to my Florida players down here, I don't think there is going to be any let down. Were all doing something constructive every day and were looking at winning championships."

Ryan Jordan:: We'd like to thank Bryan for joining for us and all those who submitted questions!

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