Miller takes a steady approach to 2005

ATHENS – A few weeks ago Brandon Miller might have gotten the break he was waiting for with regards to starting at outside linebacker in 2005, but it wasn't on the field.

When Derrick White was arrested hours after G-Day concluded – and subsequently suspended two games – Miller was elevated, presumably, to the number one spot at Sam linebacker. There are other linebackers like Danny Verdun-Wheeler and Jarvis Jackson that could start in front of him, but it's been Miller that has been fighting White for that starting spot since the beginning of spring 2005 practice.

Miller isn't boastful about his ascent to the top of the depth chart; instead he is noticeably soft spoken, especially about that development.

"Coach Jancek just wants us to go out there and produce, just get the basics and fundamentals down," said Brandon Miller.

Since the heralded high school product came to Athens there has been much speculation about his skill. But along the way, Miller said he paid close attention to the players older than him. Like many young players, Miller has spend the last few months trying to pick up little nuances that can help him succeed from here on out.

"I've been sitting back and watching the seniors," he said. "The first year I was here, I didn't know the system very well, but now I am more adapted to it, and I think I have a chance to start because of that."

Miller has showed his commitment to himself and his team this off-season by adding weight to an already stout figure. He's up to 240 pounds.

"The coaches told me it really does not matter how much I weight as long as I can keep up. I feel a little slower than when I came in because I was 232. I am getting my speed back right now," he said.

Miller was one of the smallest outside linebackers for the Bulldogs in terms of weight, but now he's more in line with the rest of them.

His adding pounds does, however, likely put an end to one dream he had while in high school: to play wide receiver in college. Although that was never seriously considered for Miller, he still admitted it would be nice to try – he insists he could still make plays as a receiver.

"I would like that," he said smiling. "I don't think I've lost anything; I think I can still go out and catch. I'd like to try it."

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