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<B>DeAndre Morgan</B>, the younger brother of N.C. State DB DaJuan Morgan, is one of the fasest and top prospects from South Florida. He likes the 'Pack, Miami and several others. In this story he discuses his favorites, his abilities and you have got to see his video highlights.

One of the fastest prospects from the Sunshine State is DeAndre Morgan from Riveria Beach (Fla.) Suncoast High School. Morgan, 5-10.5 and 160 pounds, runs a 4.4 forty and 10.7 100 meters. In fact, only a few weeks ago he broke former Suncoast High School standout and current Miami Hurricane Devin Hester's 100 meter record.

"Devin ran a 10.9 and I broke it with a 10.7," said Morgan. "But I would still say that he is definitely faster but I am catching him."

Like Hester, Morgan is a multi-faceted athlete (video links below story) that could play on both sides of the ball. Last season, in his first full season of football, he played running back, receiver and defensive back along with starring on special teams for Suncoast.

"First of all, I am a team guy. I will do whatever it takes to help my team. I prefer to play defense and I think I am the cover guy that teams look for. I have great recovery speed as well. I am disciplined, I stay home, I stay humble and I am hungry."

For now Morgan doesn't have any scholarship offers but plenty of big time programs are showing a lot of interest.

"I know Syracuse is on the verge of offering me a scholarship. Miami, N.C. State, Georgia, Auburn and South Florida are all schools that I am very interested in right now and I know they are interested in me."

There is something else that Morgan and the schools mentioned above have in common. He loves the way they all play defense. It's the aggressive style that Morgan is looking for.

"Miami is Miami and I love their defense. They play aggressively like I like to play. I love to get my nose right in that wide receiver at the line of scrimmage and play that -bump and run, just like they do at U-M.

"N.C. State plays the same way Miami does and in fact they may blitz even more than the Canes.

"Auburn is a school I like. I mean I like Auburn. They just sent one of my favorite cornerbacks (Carlos Rogers) to the league.

"South Florida is aggressive like these other schools and they are a new program and I would love to be a part of something special.

"Georgia is a really good team and I like I could fit very well into what they do.

"Georgia Tech is a school I always grew up liking, just like Miami. I think I can bring something to Georgia Tech that they don't have… lots of speed.

"I am genuinely open with these schools and I will stay focused and humble and look at everything before I make a decision."

One thing is certain, when it's all said and done Morgan could have a tough decision, especially considering he has a brother playing at N.C. State (DaJuan Morgan) and a brother playing at USF (Kevin Halenburton). In fact, Dajuan was one of the top prospects a two seasons ago from Florida and then he got into a bad car accident and suffered a dislocated hip and hand among other injuries. DeAndre was also a passenger in that car.

"I was messed up bad but not as bad as my brother. I missed six games. I had a concussion, a bad back, hurt my thigh and knee. I needed a lot of therapy and I had a lot of bumps and bruises.

"I would love to play with one of my brothers. If it happens then great. But it will be my decision and I will do what is best for me."

Morgan hopes to camp this summer at Miami, NC State, Auburn and USF.

Check out Morgan's video highlights by clicking on the links below. Morgan does have incredible speed and a great first step. He hits the hole hard and has breakaway speed. Morgan has good hands and concentration as a wide receiver but it does appear he looks to have a better future on the other side of the ball. Morgan likes to bait the QB to throwing to his receiver and then he makes the play, showing incredible recovery speed. He'll also come up and hit you. Morgan is also a special teams standout.

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