Southerland looks forward to playing in 2005

ATHENS – Georgia's recent legacy with fullbacks has been via the walk-on. That's not the case any longer.

Brannan Southerland and Des Williams are both on scholarship – something that was not the case for Verron Haynes, J.T. Wall, and Jeremy Thomas, Georgia's last three starting fullbacks. But the two have already shown signs of doing what is needed for the fullback position to stay relevant in a Georgia offense that could have three feature tailback this fall. Georgia may use two tailback-sets in the fall, which would limit the amount of snaps for the two fullbacks.

Williams is the starter going into the fall, but Southerland has been applying pressure. He's likely going to get a tremendous about of playing time this fall – on offense and special teams – no matter if he is the starter or not.

"I would love to get on the field as much as possible whether it is at running back or special teams," he said. Southerland spent all of last season sitting out. He might have gotten a chance at playing last year, but he moved from linebacker to fullback before the season even started. It proved too overwhelming and Georgia's coaches decided to redshirt him. Now, he says, he's just trying to get prepared for the fall.

"Coming off the scout team last year, trying to get everything ready mentally, filling in the number two fullback spot behind Des has been a challenge," said Southerland. "He and I are trying to fill the shoes of Jeremy Thomas."

Thomas was recently signed to a free agent contract to play football with Cincinnati, joining Odell Thurman and David Pollack. As for Southerland, he will try to make and impact on the field wherever he can.

"I am going to give it all I've got and try to get as much playing time as I can, no matter if it is on special teams or at fullback," he said.

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