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The Dawgpost Chat ran from 8:00 to 9:00 and included the members of the Dawgpost, Scout.com's Scott Kennedy and Ryan Jordan, and the University of Georgia's own Mike Bobo. If you couldn't make it, no problem. Check out the Chat Re-Cap and catch up on everthing Georgia Football!

Scott Kennedy: Back from a long week last week. four combines in about 5 days. I saw the Georgia coaches at 3 of them. Georgia was in attendance at Auburn, New Jersey, and Tampa.

bhdawg: scott where were the tn coaches this past 5 weeks. tn buddies are going nuts up here.  wondering why they are not at combines now lol

Scott Kennedy: BH, that's a good question. I don't know when the Tennessee coaches are on the road. I haven't seen them out yet. I didn't see any Tennessee coaches in new jersey... they definitely should have been there... They may have been. There were so many coaches up there that it would have been impossible to see them all.  They recruit so much nationally that they might be out west this early.

Brad79: scott whats up with Matthew Stafford?

Scott Kennedy: Georgia or Texas is what I keep hearing. 

KLC 71: who is his (QB Coach Mike Bobo's) second choice if stafford doesn't commit?

Scott Kennedy: I think he likes Mitch Mustain #2, but I think GABlue said Mustain could be a Texas guy. Mustain to Texas, Stafford to Georgia?

coop4hsman: Scott/Ryan who are the top three OL in the state?

Scott Kennedy: top 3? I like Justin Anderson, Lionel Mapp, and Kiante Tripp. I like Kiante on the OL, but Georgia likes him on the DL. It's the continued search for the next Stroud and Seymour.

coop4hsman: How about Maurice Hurt?

RyanJordan: I tell you what, Hurt may be my #3 now He was something else in Auburn. Maybe the most dominant we've seen any OL be in the one on one's at our Scout.com Combines this year.

Scott Kennedy: Hurt reminds me of a bigger, better Marlon Davis. Doesn't look that great getting off the bus, just goes out and kicks tail.

JPenland5: has Jamar Bryant qualified yet

Scott Kennedy: not yet

coop4hsman: Where would Ben Harden and John Miller rank in the GA class?

Scott Kennedy: Miller is a solid prospect good frame and athleticism. I'm not as sold on Harden yet.

54dawg: What is the latest with Tim Hawthorne?

Scott Kennedy: Hawthorne says he's open. I spoke with him two weeks ago in our Combine at Mississippi State.

Brad79: scott u heard Corey Moon is coming (qualified)?

Scott Kennedy: I think Moon will make it, we'll see. Thee two I heard about from the beginning were Darius Dewberry and Brandon Sesay as non-qalifiers.

bhdawg: Will Cameron Smith be a a four star??

lowiq: I bet in december with a good team cam smith will be top 5 in georgia.

Scott Kennedy: yeah, probably a 4. he's pretty dang good

dawgfan34: any five stars to mention

Scott Kennedy: Anderson will probably be a 5

redbeanskookin: Do you think we get Cameron, Scott?

Scott Kennedy: He doesn't say much about favorites yet... you have to remember, he's more like a Mississippi kid than a typical Atlanta kid... he was on a crap team, and now he's going to enjoy the attention. so he's not saying much. that's how the Mississippi kids are. hey don't get a lot of attention in Mississippi, so they play it out the recruiting all year.

Bulldog815: do we get Asher Allen?

Scott Kennedy: I like Georgia with Asher right now.

Bulldog815: does he play CB?

Scott Kennedy: don't know yet... I think Kirby Smart (RB Coach) likes him a lot, so we'll see.

RyanJordan: Asher's dad thinks he's best at CB and he now wants to play CB. UGA is recruiting him on defense now

danieliroberts: did the coaches offer Myron Rolle while in jersey? one of the players made a good play in the 1 v 1's and pointed to Rolle

Scott Kennedy: Rolle stood around in a jersey, he didn't work out. one of the players made a good play in the 1 v 1's and pointed to Rolle. Called him out.

AlDog: Scott what is your opinion of Chris Drayton

Scott Kennedy: I like Drayton. he's going to end up upper tier SEC

wrmsprngsdawg: which of the fla schools is Marcus Ball looking at the most?


****Special Guest Mike Bobo the Quarterback Coach at Georgia joined us for our chat via telephone. The Members of the Dawgpost asked the questions, and Scott Kennedy relayed them to Coach Bobo for his answers***

gablue1: how will the offense change to use D.J. Shockley's set of skills?

Mike Bobo:  I think we'll stay pretty much the same with our base offense. We'll try and get him on the corner with play action and some naked boot legs. He's going to run a lot on his own without having to call run plays, and we don't want to get in a situation where we run him every play.

lowiq: Mike will we run some of the  wishbone or wing t next year like we saw in the spring game?

Mike Bobo: We could see some of the wishbone or wing t... when you have 3 talented guys like we do plus 2 talented fullbacks, we need to find a way to get them on the field more than we have in the past.

pater15: mike how is Blake Barnes coming along?

Mike Bobo: Blake is doing a good job, he is still young, and still has to improve on a lot in his fundamentals, especially in his footwork. Overall we are pleased with his progress.

dawgfan34: how much will you be involved in the play calling this coming yr?

Mike Bobo: I haven't given it much thought, I'm just doing whatever Coach Richt asks me to do.

lowiq: how much better do you feel with our veteran OL this year

Mike Bobo:  Any time you can have some guys that have played together a number of years, it makes you feel more comfortable. It's a matter of them staying healthy. That's been our problem the last couple of years, having to shuffle guys in and out. Staying healthy is the big key for us.

54dawg: How many Freshmen do you expect to contribute this year?

Mike Bobo: It's hard to tell, it's hard for them to play. They'll all be given an opportunity. Several spots will have an opportunity. The most glaring is wide receiver.

Mike Moore

Scott Kennedy: At wide receiver, the Porch has been hyping up Mike Moore to come in early and make a big impact. What are your thoughts on him?

Mike Bobo: We're excited about Moore. He has a chance to come in and show what he can do. Receiver is a spot where they can come in and move up the depth chart fast.

gablue1: How has Kirby Smart been able to contribute to the offensive staff seeing he has been mostly a defensive coach?

Mike Bobo: #1, the way he coaches his effort. He really gets his players to play hard for him. I think his perspective on the defensive side will be a big plus when we are breaking down opponents' defenses.

kevinuga: how well did Joe Cox perform in camp to garner his offer that early in the recruiting season?

Mike Bobo: He performed pretty well for us to offer him. He was a guy we liked already, and he came to camp and threw lights out. After he came to camp, there wasn't any question that he could come and play at Georgia.

Brad79: How far is Kregg Lumpkin along right now. Who else has stepped it up in the offseason on the offensive side of the ball?

Mike Bobo: It's tough to tell with Lump this spring, because he didn't practice full speed. I think Leonard Pope has gotten bigger and stronger. Sean Bailey and T.J. Gartrell have stepped it up and gotten bigger and stronger. It needs to be a big summer for our whole skill group offensively

lowiq: how much of a change has been seen with janceck at lb coach?

Mike Bobo: I think our guys are going to continue to play hard, play for one another and get after it on Saturday. That's our Mentality as a football team. this spring was just like any other spring, the defense flew around and made life miserable for us (on offense).

Bulldog815: who has been the most impressive player this spring for the offense or fore the team as a whole?

Mike Bobo: Thomas Brown was the best player on offense with Leonard Pope a close second.

RyanJordan: If Leonard Pope leaves early.... Who do you look to at TE and how comfy would you be with that person?

Mike Bobo
: POPE ISN'T LEAVING EARLY (Laughs). Martrez Milner has a lot of talent, he just needs to get some confidence, because he has as much talent as Leonard Pope.

lowiq: is your dad, george still coaching hs in georgia. i know he is proud of you.

Mike Bobo: This is his last year, He's done after this year. I think he's more proud of his new grandson than he is of me (Laughs).

dawgfan34: How comfortable are we if Shockley gets hurt????

Mike Bobo: Not real comfortable right now, because the guys don't have a lot of experience, but they have summer practice. We've been very fortunate with two guys. Someone is going to have to step up and be the  2nd guy.

Scott Kennedy: Any chance that incoming freshman Joe Cox doesn't get a redshirt at quarterback?

Mike Bobo: You'd like to redshirt a guy if he's going to be a back up, but it's too early to tell. If he's the 2nd best, then he'd be #2, but our plans right now are to redshirt him.

***The Dawgpost and the Members of the Dawgpost would like to thank Coach Bobo for taking time to join us!!***

We resumed with our regularly scheduled Chat:

dawgfan34: Scott how is Tavares Kearney from last year .. You never really hear about him??

Scott Kennedy: Kearney ran the anchor on Tucker's 4X100 relay team. I think they won the region. How about that?

dawgfan34: nuff said Scott

dawginTn: Scott I know it way way to early but just by the player we are in on could you see us signing the #1 class.

Scott Kennedy: I don't talk about national stuff too much... get a big time QB and sign 25 and there's a chance for the #1 class.

bhdawg: scott did you see the soph qb at westlake?

Scott Kennedy: Cameron Newton was the Soph QB from Westlake. He is a little erratic with his throws, but he has all of the tools you could ask for.

Scott Kennedy: Some of the best testing we had at AU were sophomores. Eric Berry may have been the best player at the whole dang camp. He and Caleb King were off the charts.

kevinuga: Are grades the only reason Lionel Mapp doesn't have an offer?

Scott Kennedy: I think so Kevin. It wouldn't surprise me to see him spend a year at Hargrave then back to Georgia.

wrmsprngsdawg: scott u mentioned something earlier about justin williams and uf.is that where u think he ends up?
Scott Kennedy: I think Williams goes down to Florida right now. Either Florida State or Florida. Justin Mincey isn't getting in, and they'll probably go together.

kevinuga: Is Williams more overhyped than Terrell Zachary?

Scott Kennedy: Zachary and Williams were both overhyped early in the process.

The Dawgpost Chat ran from 8:00 to 9:00 and included the members of the Dawgpost, Scout.com's Scott Kennedy and Ryan Jordan, and the University of Georgia's own Mike Bobo. We would like to thank everyone that participated, and we'll see you again soon!

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