One of the South's Best

Tim Hawthorne, from Homewood High School, has received three new offers over the past two weeks. Heading into the summer, Hawthorne is considered one of the elite wide receivers in the Southeast, and his offer total now sits at thirteen.

"I'm up to 13 offers now," said Tim Hawthorne. "I received an offer from Clemson about a week ago. I received an offer from Arkansas last Thursday, and I received an offer from Florida on Sunday night. I have now received an offer from every school in the SEC, except Kentucky."

Hawthorne had expressed interest in the Florida Gators, and now they have extended an offer.

"I talked to Coach Hevesy Sunday night," Hawthorne said. "He told me what I wanted to hear. He told me about the system Coach Urban Meyer is going to run down there, and how I would be able to get the ball in a lot of different ways. I could end up receiving, rushing, and possibly playing a little bit of defense. He said all they were recruiting were pure athletes."

"Coach Hevesy said they are going to try to sign three receivers in this year's class. He said they only have seven right now, and three could be leaving after next year. Everyone thinks they are loaded at the wide receiver position, but they don't have a lot of numbers. They are going to find ways to get you in the game. Florida is going to be a passing offense, and that will give me a really good chance to get the ball," said Hawthorne.

An Arkansas coach was in attendance Thursday night as Homewood traveled to John Carroll High School for their spring jamboree against John Carroll and Fairfield.

Hawthorne said, "Coach Houston Nutt (Arkansas) has been sending me a lot of letters the past couple of months. He was saying how much they really like me. Someone said Arkansas sent someone to the game Thursday night, and they made the offer. The Arkansas coaches have been telling me they will have early playing time for me, and that is something I really want. I have heard about their facilities. I will possibly camp there this summer."

It did not take long for Hawthorne to showcase his skills in the spring jamboree. He said, "We won both games. I only played in two series in each game. I had over one hundred yards in both games. It was like I only played one half of football. I didn't have any touchdowns. They kept me out of the redzone, and they triple-teamed me the whole time. I am going to have to find a way to get the ball this fall. I know I will be double and triple teamed throughout the entire year."

A few days before the spring game, Hawthorne received an offer from a program outside the SEC. "Coach Sweeney called me last week. He told me about the offer," Hawthorne said. "He said how they need some big play receivers, and how they signed a few receivers from Alabama last year (Terrell Smith and Tyler Grisham). He told me they needed big body, possession type receivers, and they were recruiting some good quarterbacks. Clemson is a great school. They have a lot of tradition."

"I guess my name is starting to spread out to the west coast. I am starting to get a lot of mail from USC, UCLA, and Cal. I am waiting and hoping to receive an offer from one of those schools. I never really thought I would be up to thirteen offers before the summer. Everything seems like it just happened over night," Hawthorne added.

"Right now, I am still weighing my options, and waiting to see what comes in," he said. Everything is still wide open. Anything can change from day to day."

Hawthorne has set a tentative summer schedule of schools he plans to attend for camp. "I am definitely going to Florida, Louisville, Alabama, Auburn, LSU, Tennessee, and Georgia. Those are the only camps I have lined up right now, but I will try to attend a few more. I just want to go out to these camps, and impress all the coaches," he said.

Most high school prospects would see thirteen offers and know they are one of the elite prospects in the country, but not Hawthorne. He wants to go out and continue to prove to college coaches what he has to offer.

"Summer will be here before you know it," he said. "Everyday I am working on my speed, footwork, and agility. I am working out everyday trying to get stronger and bigger. I want to be the best every time I go out there to compete against anybody."

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