Dawgpost Chat Re-Cap

The Dawgpost Chat ran from 8:00 to 9:00 and included the members of the Dawgpost, Scout.com's Scott Kennedy, and the University of Georgia's own Kirby. If you couldn't make it, no problem. Check out the Chat Re-Cap and catch up on everything Georgia Football!

dawgfan34:: how is lumpkin ????


Kirby Smart: Kregg Lumpkin - he went through spring practice, he did board drills live, and he did pass skels live. He didn't do any live tackles, but we think he's recovered well.

lowiq:: welcome home kirby
Kirby Smart: -- it's great to be back

AlDog:: Kirby you pushing for some wishbone this year?
Kirby Smart: wishbone (laughs) to keep them all happy I may need it

lowiq:: how does this group of uga backs compare to the lsu group
Kirby Smart: compared to LSU - Very similar, the group at LSU was probably bigger size wise, our group is definitely faster and more athletic, and our kids at Georgia are better kids, they work harder as a group competing with one another

stumpydawg:: how much are we going to utilize the backs in the passing game??
Kirby Smart:  hopefully a lot. Especially Thomas (Thomas Brown) and Tyson (Tyson Browning), because if they are matched up with any SEC linebacker, they're going to win that battle, and Danny (Danny Ware) and Lumpkin may have the better hands of the group, and they catch the ball well out of the backfield, so I hope we use all of them.

gablue1:: how do you  like being at UGA again and what you feel you bring to table on the offensive side of the ball?
Kirby Smart: first, it's great to be back at UGA, especially on a staff the caliber of Coach Richt's. I think I bring a perspective of what the defense thinks our tendencies are and what the defense looks for. I think I bring a little bit of interpretation. Sometimes the offensive guys have trouble figuring out what the defense is trying to do. I know what they are doing, because I used to do it.

shawbones:: how good is Thomas Brown?
Kirby Smart: REAL GOOD, he's special, in that he plays bigger than his body weight is, and he plays tougher than his size as well.


Dawgiestyle:: will Des Williams & Brannan Southerland share time at FB?
Kirby Smart: They'll probably share time, but I'm not opposed to playing one guy, if he's a clear #1.

dubsdawg:: Who is going to return kicks?
Kirby Smart: as of right now it would be Thomas Brown and Bryan McClendon, but there are other guys to look at. We're excited about trying a guy like Danny Ware, and there's always Tyson Browning.

coop4hsman:: Did Southerland really run over Josh Johnson during a scrimmage?
Kirby Smart: yes, it was pretty special, but then he got smashed by Josh Johnson and got a concussion about two weeks later

bhdawg:: Would you say our off this yr will be 50 50 passing and running still
Kirby Smart: I hope so, that's the hardest defense to defend, a balanced one.

shawbones:: who is our top 2 blockers at the rb/fb position?
Kirby Smart: Des and Brannan at fullback, I don't know enough about Lump, but Thomas is more physical, he just doesn't have the size.

ugadawg004:: Do you expect Mike Moore and Mohamed Massaquoi to play right away?
Kirby Smart:  I certainly think they're going to help... especially on special teams because of their size., they can help us on offense a lot too

Dawgiestyle:: Are you and Callaway working on any new blocking schemes to add to the mix?
Kirby Smart: not really to be honest, we're just trying to get good at what we do

bhdawg:: kIrby u guys been doing any film watching of Boise ST
Kirby Smart: they are very well coached team, and were a great team last year

shawbones:: how would you rate our safeties? mainly Kelin Johnson and Greg Blue?
Kirby Smart: I would say they are better than average SEC Safeties. I think they are better than what we had at LSU

dawgfan34:: How would Kirby liked to have to cover Pope back in the day?
Kirby Smart:  I would have requested some help (laughs)

shawbones:: who do you think our leading rusher will be if everyone is healthy
Kirby Smart: leading rusher - I hope it's a 3 way tie and we'll be fine...

shawbones:: and do you expect lump to contribute early in the season
Kirby Smart: Yes, I fully expect him to contribute.

The Dawgpost Chat ran from 8:00 to 9:00 and included the members of the Dawgpost, Scout.com's Scott Kennedy , and the University of Georgia's own Kirby Smart. We would like to thank everyone that participated, and we'll see you again soon!

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