One Word: Amazing

One word best describes Jarred Fayson on the football field: Amazing. Fayson is one of the most impressive athletes on and off the field in the Class of 2006.

Jarred Faysonis arguably the top athlete in the country this year. has conducted 10 combines so far this year across the country, and maybe the single most impressive forty time I've timed this year came from Fayson in Tampa.

At the University of South Florida, the NFL laid down new practice fields for the Bulls when they came in for the Super Bowl to practice. In doing so, there was a very soft sand base. The sand base is terrific for the Bulls to practice on, but it isn't going to generate the fastest times. That was evidenced as players were not clocking as well as they could run. I've told everyone in attendance that I would take .1 to .15 off of all the times to translate what they would be on a harder natural grass surface.

Then Jarred Fayson showed up late.

Fayson threw the ball for a while in front of the crew and several lingering college coaches. His ball didn't have the tightest spiral, but he showed an easy release and good velocity. I asked him to throw a specific pattern that is very telling on a player's arm strength: the 20 yard out. Those were his two best throws of the day. He has a chance to play quarterback on the college level, but he also ran some pass routes for us and was fluid catching the ball.

After breaking a good sweat in the Tampa sun, we asked Fayson if he wanted to run a 40 for us. One of the parents still in attendance advised him not to because of the slow track. Being the competitor that he is, Fayson didn't back down from the challenge, and in his first attempt he turned in a 4.47. A full one tenth faster than his next closest participant. His next and final attempt, Fayson officially clocked a 4.41. One watch had 4.35 and a college coach timing had him at 4.43. My watch: 4.41.

Fayson isn't just a guy that's going to impress with a fast forty time though. More importantly, he gets it done on the field as shown in his scouting videos. (Total Access Pass Subscribers)

Fayson has had a parade of college coaches come through Hillsborough High School to see him, and he is starting to set his camp schedule for the Summer.

"I've had a lot of coaches come through for spring," said Fayson. "Coach Urban Meyer from Florida came by to watch, and I had a really good practice that day so I was excited. Coach told me that it was the first time a head coach had ever come to Hillsborough. Coach Warner from Miami came by too. He told me that they would give me a shot to play quarterback at Miami, but if it didn't work out I'd be on the field somewhere, because they want the ball in my hands. I'm going to camp next month at Florida, Miami, and Duke."

When we saw Fayson in Tampa, Florida and Georgia were the two leaders for his services. Is that still the case?

"Yes sir, Florida, Georgia, and Miami are my Top 3 right now."

Fayson had three rushes for 60 yards and went 4/7 passing in Hillsborough spring game, and he is a highlight reel waiting to happen every time he touches the ball. One lucky college is going to get an electric athlete and a standout person as well.

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