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As the Mark Richt years continue to pass and the win total continues to rise, the Georgia Bulldogs are gradually expanding their recruiting horizons to include top players from states across the country. On Wednesday night the Dawgpost hosted Scout.com Northeastern recruiting analyst Bob Lichtenfels for an interactive chat about the UGA targets in his area of the nation. This is a recap of the action.

Bhdawg:: tell us about the Georgia players from PA
BobLichtenfels:: Have there been any PA players in Georgia?..lol
thedogfather:: Musa Smith
BobLichtenfels:: yeah Musa has a little brother coming up
lowiq:: what grade
BobLichtenfels:: I believe 10th or 11th i'll check on that

bhdawg:: OK bob just a few players for you to comment on. Moreno, rolle, and perez
BobLichtenfels:: Perez is a stud
BobLichtenfels:: Moreno could end up the best in jersey when all is said and done

lowiq:: bob who from your area do you think uga really likes
BobLichtenfels:: The best shot right now that Goergia has is with Akeem "The killin Machine" Hebron

RyanJordan:: Bob, what about Odrick? Seems a bit big for DE... Do you see him on offense down the road?
BobLichtenfels:: I think Odricks future is at OT

lowiq:: what do you think about hebron from maryland and minor from va
BobLichtenfels:: Hebron is undersized but he's extremely physical, reminds me of Tray Blackmon

bhdawg:: any shot with myron rolle
BobLichtenfels:: I dont see rolle goin to georgia

lowiq:: are there any other guys in your area that you know uga is after
BobLichtenfels:: They have offered a number of kids up here, including a few underclassmen

thedogfather:: Do you have a gut feeling on where Rolle lands?
BobLichtenfels:: I think Rolle goes to Okl-Mich-PSU one of the 3

bhdawg:: whoa underclassmen , who???
BobLichtenfels:: Two very good juniors from the DC area
BobLichtenfels:: DT and an OT

gablue1:: hey bob you think Rolle could end up at UM
BobLichtenfels:: yeah i do think UM has a shot

RyanJordan:: What about McEowen? How good is he, where is he going?
BobLichtenfels:: I love McEowen, supposedly he has narrowed it down to 3 schools Flo-PSU- and maybe Maryland but he hasnt told me that

lowiq:: bob what is your evaluation of kade weston that signed with us this year
BobLichtenfels:: Kade is potentially a stud, but I felt a little stronger about a few others then i did Weston

critdog:: bob you hearing gergia's name more and more up there?
BobLichtenfels:: Yeah GA is getting a bigger presence up here every year

RyanJordan:: How about Brandon Graham in Michigan? Can UGA at least get him to visit?
BobLichtenfels:: GA is one of the teams Graham wants to visit

lumberdawg:: what are chances Callahan Bright ever plays a down for FSU?
BobLichtenfels:: I hear bright may get in this year

RyanJordan:: Bob talk a little about Pinkston's ability.. Any chance he heads south?
BobLichtenfels:: I think pinkston ends up at Pitt, he's very good but raw, with a scary amount of potential

critdog:: bob what about percy harvin?
BobLichtenfels:: Percy told me in January it would take something miraculous to happen for him to not end up at FSU

RyanJordan:: Bob I know you've started to put together your rankings.. Give us your top 5 or 10 up there
BobLichtenfels:: In no order I like Hazelton, McCoy, Perez, Rolle, Hebron, Moreno, Odrick

Brad79:: bob do we lead for moreno?
BobLichtenfels:: Moreno plays everything real close to the vest, he has a ton of offers but wont tell anyone who they are

AlDog:: What linemen in the South have impressed you at the combines?
BobLichtenfels:: Ryan could tell you my boy boy Kiante tripp
BobLichtenfels:: I liked Steven Singleton also I see a lot of potential in him as an interior OL
BobLichtenfels:: Tripp reminds me of a young Simeon Rice

lowiq:: bob will kade being friends with moreno have any influence
BobLichtenfels:: Knowshon does his own thing, he won't decide based on anything except his own feelings

AlDog:: Since you have been around the UGA staff a lot at combines. Who has impressed you the most of our coaches?
BobLichtenfels:: I love the UGA coaches, they all chew Copenhagen. lol
BobLichtenfels:: I like Coach g, i like Bobo

bhdawg:: Kade Weston ?????
BobLichtenfels:: He's raw, the film I saw I thought he was a little over rated but has great potential he's still learning the game
BobLichtenfels:: Getting back to Kade, i like him on offense, he has great feet and with his wing span i think he could be a great OT
thedogfather:: Coach Garner wouldn't like you saying that
BobLichtenfels:: lol..Coach G wants everyone on defense

thedogfather:: How would you compare Knowshon to Brandon Minor?
BobLichtenfels:: I like Moreno a little better then Minor, but both are good backs

thedogfather:: Does UGA have much of a shot with Minor?
critdog:: just got on bob what do you think about perez
BobLichtenfels:: I really am high on Perez
BobLichtenfels:: Perez is a Ronnie Lott type of safety
BobLichtenfels:: I think Perez likes USC a lot

AlDog:: How much effect will Stafford coming to UGA have on recruits?
BobLichtenfels:: great players love to play with other great players, so landing a Stafford early on has to be positive

RyanJordan:: Bob what's up with David Harvey from last year? Any idea where he's headed?
BobLichtenfels:: David Harvey will likely end up nowhere until he gets himself together i'll live it at that

lowiq:: is uga even involved with hazelton
BobLichtenfels:: Vidal has not mentioned UGA to me and I speak to him quite frequently

bhdawg:: bob perez got good grades or what
BobLichtenfels:: as far as i know he's a decent student

Gdawg02:: so noone you think we lead for?
BobLichtenfels:: Hebron

lowiq:: scott said you really like hebron
BobLichtenfels:: I'm as high maybe higher with hebron then i was with Rico McCoy. I stated all year Rico was a top 5 LB in the country and my pleas went unanswered, Then he blew up at the All-American game

critdog:: bob isn't perez cousins with turk mcbride
BobLichtenfels:: I think there is some correlation with McBride, i know his coach is a Mcbride

lowiq:: with rutgers, syracuse, temple, penn st and pitt all being average at best do a lot of kids want to leave that area to play now
BobLichtenfels:: Hell no its too hot to leave the north
BobLichtenfels:: if they leave they generally go to OSU or Mich
BobLichtenfels:: Its a very big adjustment playing in the North and then going south

gablue1:: players from jersey have left that area for years
BobLichtenfels:: But Rutgers hasn't been able to lock the state down, if they ever start it will be harder for teams to take their players

critdog:: bob you seen tilley? If so how does he compare to cli fton geathers?
BobLichtenfels:: Geathers is a stud, I see Tilley as a 4-star, he's a very sound pass pro tackle, but he never has to run block. But I have seen him move fairly well when he has had to. He'll be a nice right tackle

thedogfather:: Did you ever see Allen Iverson play QB in HS?
BobLichtenfels:: AI was a man on the football filed

lowiq:: bob why do you think that the talent gap has widened between the south and the northeast
BobLichtenfels:: Economic depression
BobLichtenfels:: The talent gap hasnt widen so much as the population has
BobLichtenfels:: You want linemen and grit you come up here, you want skill and speed you recruit the south

woolmagnet:: Bob-Where are you from
BobLichtenfels:: PA

lowiq:: arent you a pitt guy bob
BobLichtenfels:: I'm a high school guy, I rarely watch college ball

lowiq:: is penn hills still a power up there
BobLichtenfels:: Penn hills should win a state title every year they have no discipline

elovely1:: Bob, anyone on the Easton squad worth a darn this year?
BobLichtenfels:: there's a youngbuck from Easton thats supposed to be nice, cant remeber his name off-hand

elovely1:: I thought Ovid Goulbourne was a touch overrated last year, and Newell from BECAH looked lazy
BobLichtenfels:: elovely you are correct on both points

thedogfather:: Is the NYC going to have any D-1's this year?
BobLichtenfels:: Hazelton is from NYC and he's arguably the top WR in the country so I would say yes
BobLichtenfels:: I think it could come down to Va and Miami for him

critdog:: bob what is your impresssion of kiante tripp?
BobLichtenfels:: I think Kiante is another Simeon Rice

Ryan Jordan:: The Dawgpost would like to thank Bob Lictenfels for being our guest tonight, as well as all those who submitted questions. Thanks for your participation!

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