Interactive Chat Re-Cap With Georgia Commitment

The format for the chat was as follows: Matthew Stafford was on the telephone with Ryan Jordan of Ryan fielded questions from members of the Dawgpost in the chat room, and relayed them to Stafford. Matthew then answered, and Ryan relayed the answers back to the members of the Dawgpost via the chat room.

Ryan Jordan:: I've got Matthew on the line and were ready for questions…

bhdawg:: Hey Matt what is your favorite player at UGA
Matthew Stafford:: "My favorite player would probably be Herschel or David Greene."

GeorgiaDog1955:: Matt, are you going to be here for the UGA Prospect camp?
Matthew Stafford:: "No, I won't be at the camp."

ftvalleydawg:: What made you decide on UGA over the others?
Matthew Stafford:: "Just I like the coaches, I like the place and the atmosphere of the games. I liked that better."

Bulldog815:: matt will you be attending the elite 11 camp this year?
Matthew Stafford:: "Yes I will go to the Elite 11. They want me to go to the Vegas deal first though."

GSBdawg:: what are some of the things you like about Athens
Matthew Stafford:: "I like all the people in Athens, they're very nice. I think it's just a cool college town."

danieliroberts:: welcome aboard matthew. is there anyone from texas u want to bring with you to athens
Matthew Stafford:: "Anybody who's good and wants to come is fine by me. I don't know of anyone personally."

lumberdawg:: Are you familiar with Jevan Snead? Do you look forward to taking a Texas bred rivalry into the SEC?
Matthew Stafford:: "I don't know Snead personally but I think the rivalry thing will be cool."

BigBankerDawg:: Butch Lewis and him still boys?
Matthew Stafford:: "I don't know who Butch Lewis is."

GSBdawg:: do you know much about are current WRs and what do you think
Matthew Stafford:: "I don't know much about the ones that are there but I know about Michael Moore and Massaquoi."

NVaDawg:: When did you first start considering UGA, why?
Matthew Stafford:: "I first considered them when Richt moved there. I always thought he was a great OC, and I wanted to play for him."

bhdawg:: Have you seen the Ga playbook yet ??
Matthew Stafford:: "No I have not seen the playbook."

GSBdawg:: Do you like to run, you look very good at running on video
Matthew Stafford:: "Yeah, I will absolutely run if I have to. Staying in the pocket or running, it doesn't really matter to me."

danieliroberts:: what are your goals for your senior season
Matthew Stafford:: "I want to win state, go 15-0. That's about it."

pater15:: Matthew,do you think you could get ready to play as a true freshman, if necessary?
Matthew Stafford:: "Absolutely. I want to play as soon as I can."

NVaDawg:: which if any team are particularly looking forward to beating
Matthew Stafford:: "The Gators. I was a Nole fan before all this and whoo, I dont like the Gators."

dfdawg:: What quarterbacks do you look up to?
Matthew Stafford:: "I don't know.. I always liked Elway and Favre. Those are my two favorites."

lowiq:: what is your true ht/wt now
Matthew Stafford:: "I am 6'3 218"

ftvalleydawg:: Is there a lot of pressure from the UT crowd in Texas to stay home?
Matthew Stafford:: "Yeah there was a lot of pressure to stay home."

critdog:: what do you run the 40 in
Matthew Stafford:: "I ran a 4.74 the last time I tested."

lumberdawg:: How have people in Texas responded to your leaving the state? Has it been tough, or have you gotten a lot of support?
Matthew Stafford:: "I got a little bit of grief for leaving, but not too bad."

ugadawg004:: What jersey number do you want to wear at UGA?
Matthew Stafford:: "I'd like to wear 7, but if it isn't open, I dont care."

GSBdawg:: Have you tried on the red and black yet
Matthew Stafford:: "I have not tried on the uniform."

bhdawg:: who is the colo lineman that you are friends with
Matthew Stafford:: "I am not friends with anyone in Colorado."

lowiq:: have you seen a game at uga yet
Matthew Stafford:: "I went to 1 game there and it was a huge one, Vanderbilt (laughing)"

lumberdawg:: What do you plan to major in?
Matthew Stafford:: "I have no idea on major."

op803:: do you think you will be able to bark like a DAWG ?
Matthew Stafford:: "Yeah, I guess I'll learn to bark."

pater15:: how do you like coach bobo, Matthew?
Matthew Stafford:: "He's a great guy. He's real laid back."

NVaDawg:: Are you still hearing from other schools- which ones?
Matthew Stafford:: "It's actually died down a lot which is nice. I pretty much told everyone I was definitely going to Georgia."

lowiq:: what passes do you feel like you throw best, and do you throw screens/touch passes much in your hs offense
Matthew Stafford:: "We run a lot of screens and little quick bubble screens. My favorite route to throw is the post."

cordeledog1:: favorite food ?
Matthew Stafford:: "Steak."
Matthew Stafford:: "Texas beef"

pater15:: Is UGA very popular in Texas or is it all horns?
Matthew Stafford:: "From where I'm from, we have about 5 to 10 kids go to UGA every year."

GSBdawg:: does he know about the cocktail party
Matthew Stafford:: "It's big. At a neutral site."

NVaDawg:: Who is the best player you have ever played against
Matthew Stafford:: "Probably Derek Luckey from Texas or Graham Harrell at Texas Tech."

GSBdawg:: where does he get his good looks
Matthew Stafford:: "(laughing) I'll have to say my mom."

pater15:: matthew, you seem to throw the ball fron all arm angles, have you always done that? have coaches tried to change you?
Matthew Stafford:: "I've always done that. I think playing baseball has a lot to do with it. Playing shortstop and all that."

armourdawg:: official visit date?
Matthew Stafford:: "I have not set an official visit."

vonski:: do kids get support once they pick an out of state school = are they supported in their choices
Matthew Stafford:: "I guess. I really can't say. I get support for the most part."

armourdawg:: will he visit any other schools?
Matthew Stafford:: "No. Why would I visit anywhere else?"

NVaDawg:: what is your number one goal for your college career
Matthew Stafford:: "Number one goal for my college career? Win a National Title."

pater15:: Being a top recruit, a lot will be expected of you, are you feeling any pressure?
Matthew Stafford:: "No. I don't feel any pressure."

GSBdawg:: does he know how much his commitment is helping our recruiting
Matthew Stafford:: "No. I hope it is, but I don't know."

vonski:: how big are his hands
Matthew Stafford:: "Enormous. They're pretty dang big"

redbeanskookin:: Matt, have you purchased a UGA hat yet?
Matthew Stafford:: "No I have not. Kind of hard to find around here."

GSBdawg:: has he met UGA VI
Matthew Stafford:: "No, I have not met Uga but I'm sure he's a pleasure to talk to."

vonski:: favorite music
Matthew Stafford:: "I listen to rap. I like Mr. Pookie and Mr. Luchie, they're Dallas boys."

lumberdawg:: ever see Robbie Reid or Rhett Bomar in high school
Matthew Stafford:: "I never saw Robbie Reid but I saw Rhett Bomar at a baseball tourney one time. He walked right by me and didn't know who I was. I was a measily sophomore."

danieliroberts:: waht if anything does he think he needs to work on the most before hitting athens
Matthew Stafford:: "I don't know, I just try to work on everything. I don't know, speed and strength. All that stuff."

GSBdawg:: Have you talked with David Greene
Matthew Stafford:: "No, but I have David's number. I need to give him a call."

Matthew Stafford:: "Just tell them I hope their happy to have me because Im happy to be a Dawg. See you in Athens!"

Ryan Jordan:: The Dawgpost would like to thank Matthew Stafford for being our guest tonight as well as all those who submitted questions!

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