Pre-Spring Football Press Conference

"Our goals are basically to get better at blocking and tackling, throwing and catching, the fundamentals." - Georgia Head Coach Mark Richt

The following are quotes from Georgia's football press conference:

Georgia Head Coach Mark Richt: "Our goals are basically to get better at blocking and tackling, throwing and catching, the fundamentals. We want to make sure we have the right players in the right positions. Those guys will be competing for playing time. We want them to learn to compete against each other, offensively and defensively. We want them to learn to compete and fight. That's what the spring will be for us."

About the quarterback position: "I don't see any drastic changes made in the depth chart. The guys in the top two spots are David Greene and D.J. Shockley with Cory Phillips not far behind. We need to see what Joe Tereshinski, III can do."

"I think Greene had a phenomenal freshman year. He's as good a football player as I've ever coached at the position, as is D.J. Shockley. Both are talented, both have NFL talent. I've dealt with the situation before in Casey Weldon and Brad Johnson, both graduating and getting drafted in the same class. I see it as an extremely positive situation. We're blessed to have two guys who can get it done and a veteran in Cory who can get it done as well."

About the running backs:
"Musa (Smith) is going in as number one, but I don't think he'll be ready the first week. Right now he's still struggling with the same injury from the season. It's been frustrating for him and for us. We need him to step up and be the big time back we know he can be."

"Mike Gilliam will get reps, Kenny Bailey was moved to defensive back, Ronnie Powell will get reps. Right now, we'll line up Gilliam and Powell."

About the difference in last spring and this spring:
"Last year we postponed spring practice a week. We didn't think the staff was ready. Now, we've worked together a year. Now everybody is on the same page. It's a whole lot different going into this spring than last spring."

Note: Coach Richt mentioned the following players will likely miss at least the start of spring practice:
Kevin Breedlove, Boss Bailey, Reggie Brown, Musa Smith, Tony Milton, Robert Geathers, Ken Veal, Odell Thurman and Bama Adams.

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