Interactive Chat Re-Cap With Georgia Commitment

The format for the chat was as follows: Chris Davis was on the telephone with Ryan Jordan of Ryan fielded questions from members of the Dawgpost in the chat room, and relayed them to Davis. Chris then answered, and Ryan relayed the answers back to the members of the Dawgpost via the chat room.

Ryan Jordan:: I've got Chris on the line and were ready for questions....

ugadawg004:: Chris, what made you want to commit to UGA?
Chris Davis:: "Coach Richt you know. He's a good coach. Close to home, winning tradition. And you know, I've always been a Bulldog."

thedogfather:: Chris, which UGA opponent do you want to beat the most?
Chris Davis:: "Aww, the Gators definitely. I'm a good 'ole gator hater."

dawgfan34:: What player do you emmulate on the field??
Chris Davis:: "Alge Crumpler and Ben Watson. I really liked those guys."

ugadawg004:: Who is your favorite UGA player?
Chris Davis:: "It's between Champ Bailey, Hines Ward, Pollack and Boss Bailey. I could be unoriginal and say Herschel Walker, but I never really watched him play. I like Robert Edwards too."

RecruiterDawg:: Where did you get your nasty disposition on the field from?
Chris Davis:: "It's not nasty. I just like to hit people, that's all. It may look nasty, but I'm not a nasty person."
Chris Davis:: "I won't stop until I hear the whistle and sometimes I miss it. In that case it's 15 yards. When I do hear the whistle, I stop.... sometimes"

drunkendawg:: Are you an official UGA recruiter now?
Chris Davis:: "Yes sir. I'm trying to get one of my defensive ends to go over there. He'll be a junior this year."

pater15:: chris, do you think you will bulk up and play OT or stay at TE?
Chris Davis:: "Honestly I'd like to play TE, but if I grew out of it and I could help the team elsewhere, I would definitely move in. I've been a QB before and I'm used to having the ball in my hands so it would be hard to take it away from me, but whatever helps the team is fine by me."

Bulldogs77:: Chris, have you talked with any other commitments of the Dawgs yet?
Chris Davis:: "I spoke to Kris Durham. He was at the visit with me and we talked a good bit. He was just telling me that I need to come to Georgia. He was trying to recruit me there. It was a nice place. We were amazed at how it was."

vonski:: Major?
Chris Davis:: "I don't really have a major but if I had to pick it would probably be education so I can coach at some level."

dawgfan34:: Chris what if the Braves draft you first round??
Chris Davis:: "You aint got to worry about them drafting me first round. It won't happen."

ftvalleydawg:: Does it bother you that folks always comment you are from a small school?
Chris Davis:: "It doesn't bother me. I dont want to brag, but if you can play football it doesn't matter where you play. You could be at Rabun Gap."

vonski:: how do u like the new uniforms
Chris Davis:: "I haven't seen the new uniforms."

AlDog:: Chris are you going to enroll in January?
Chris Davis:: "I can't enroll in January."

lowiq:: chris if you had to rate yourself as a better reciever or blocker right now which would you think
Chris Davis:: "Well I mean, we all know my weakness is being slow. If I can get open, I think I'm a better receiver but being so slow I can get open in HS but that will be tougher in college. So I'd label myself a better blocker."

GSBdawg:: Do you play much defense, and if yes, what position
Chris Davis:: "Well I haven't played much defense because they wanted me on offense. This year I will have to play tackle, end and probably some nose guard though."

lowiq:: have the coaches said how many te they would like to bring in in this class
Chris Davis:: "They haven't really mentioned the number of TE's they want to me."

pater15:: any recruits there with you this weekend who may have committed?
Chris Davis:: "I don't think anyone else in Athens committed when I was there."

GSBdawg:: what are your strength numbers if you don't mind
Chris Davis:: "My bench is 310 and squat is 435. Power clean is 270."

thedogfather:: Chris, any DE's or LBs you really want to blow up in the SEC?
Chris Davis:: "I don't really know of any in particular. I would have liked to get Marcus Spears from LSU but he graduated."

lowiq:: chris how did you go to jefferson and not wrestle
Chris Davis:: "Well, I moved to Jefferson when I was in 7th grade and I already played basketball. I've thought about wrestling, but I just don't think I could do that to my basketball coach."

vonski:: do u have any bros
Chris Davis:: "I have a younger sister."

vonski:: did your dad play football?
Chris Davis:: "My dad played football in high school. My sister is mean enough, she could play"

dawgalum83:: will you play baseball in the spring/
Chris Davis:: "Yes I will play baseball."

AlDog:: What high school players that you have played against have impressed you the most?
Chris Davis:: "Umm.. To tell you the truth it was a kicker from Athens Academy named Chip Elder."
Chris Davis:: "I played with a real good football player, Adam Rooks. He was a bit undersized for his position but he had a lot of heart. He's at Bethel right now and trying to transfer."

GSBdawg:: are you right at 6'4 250 lbs
Chris Davis:: "I am 6'4 255"

vonski:: do u have any hobbies
Chris Davis:: "I attend church and I'm really just active in sports. I try to play golf every now and again, but that doesn't work too well. It's more or less conditioning, hiking up in the woods to find golf balls."

vonski:: what size shoe?
Chris Davis:: "I wear a size 15."

Chris Davis:: "Im just proud to be able to stay at home. I would have hated to play against Georgia. I'm glad to be a Dawg and I cant wait to play in front of 92,000 and win in front of 92,000"

Ryan Jordan:: The Dawgpost would like to thanks Chris Davis for being our guest this evening as well as all those who submitted questions!

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