McClendon: Ready for hard work to pay off

ATHENS – There is something about players going into their senior season of college football. One Georgia receiver feels like the time has come for him to benefit this season from all the work he's done the last four years.

Bryan McClendon has spent all of his career at Georgia in the shadows of both Fred Gibson and Reggie Brown. Like the rest of the relative no-name receivers the Bulldogs enter 2005 with, McClendon has shown potential in situations, but never for a sustained period of time.

"You've got guys that the Bulldog Nation hasn't see--that the coaches really haven't seen in the type of pressure situation that Reggie and Fred have been in," said McClendon.

Now, McClendon – who is listed as a starter along with Sean Bailey – will get his chance to show what he can do. According to him, the word pressure is not the best way to describe the feeling he has about taking over for Brown and Gibson.

"There's not a lot of pressure – I'd say there more anxiousness to see how the young guys are going to act, and to see how me, Mario, Sean and T.J. are going to handle leadership. I'm glad I have the chance to go out there and say ‘OK, I'm a leader now.' I have to show the young guys what to do," he said.

McClendon had a solid spring, but that does not satisfy him. He's ready to finally transfer a good spring effort into a breakout year – something that has not yet happened for him as a Bulldog.

"I've had good springs since I have been here – I won the Hustle Award last year; my freshman year I got most improved receiver; and this year I had a good spring. But, quite frankly, I haven't done anything during the season to show for it," he said. "That's my biggest thing – I went into last season with a lot of talk about me; Greene was talking about me a lot and Fred and Reggie were talking about how they enjoyed me being out there with them – but I have never had anything during the season to show for it."

McClendon says he is no longer satisfied with his production of the past.

"I had a couple spots here or there, but I am trying to get out here and work and show everyone that I am capable of being the main target for next season, and that I can be a great leader as well," he said.

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