ScoutTV Presents New Georgia Commitment

Shaun Chapas is the type of utility player that teams must have in order to make it to the next level. He helped Bolles get to the next level, or should I say, kept them at the next level, by doing a little bit of everything on offense. See him in action in this presentation by ScoutTV.

Shaun Chapas made a commitment to the University of Georgia today, and he will remain committed to keeping Bolles on top. He helped lead his Bolles team to a rout of Jefferson last year in the State Championship by doing a little bit of everything on offense.

Chapas lines up fullback and wingback for Bolles, and he blocks, runs, and catches out of the backfield. One of the components that keeps players off the field at the college level is their ability to pick up blitzes. That should not be a problem for Chapas as he is extremely adept at picking up the pass rush.

He also will run the ball enough to keep a defense honest, and like all great fullbacks, he has very good hands.

See him do all of those things in this ScoutTV presentation from the State Championship game last year.

#16 FB Shaun Chapas

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