S.C. Standout Looking at the SEC

Adam Patterson is one of the top defensive linemen available in the Palmetto State this season and he's looking at a wealth of schools from across the country including a couple of southern powerhouses.

"I still like Virginia Tech, Maryland, Michigan, Penn State, South Carolina, Clemson, North Carolina State, Georgia, Auburn and Oklahoma. They're all pretty much even. I'm still doing some thinking. I want to narrow it down sometime during the season," Adam Patterson said.

What does he like about the SEC schools that are still in contention?

South Carolina: "I just like the head coach Steve Spurrier and the new coaching staff they have."

Georgia: "I like their defense a lot."

Auburn: "I like what they did last year and some of the players they have."

Does Adam have a preference for what conference he'd like to play for?

"I think the ACC and the SEC are both very good so it's going to be tough on my part. I think they're pretty much even. They both have really good schools."

Patterson doesn't have any camp plans at this time.

"We haven't really talked about camps so I don't know about any of them right now. I still need to sit down and look at the schools and what not."

The South Carolina star says he didn't grow up a fan of anyone as a child.

"I could leave the state or stay here. It doesn't really matter to me. I'm not really getting much pressure to stay in state. I really didn't watch college football because I didn't think I was going to play. This is only my third year of playing. I played basketball and swam before that. I made a promise to my coach one year that I would come out for football and that's what I did. I just wish I would have played sooner."

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