Redskins Minicamp, Day 3: Barrow Regaining Form?

Barrow and Arrington recovering, Brown shining, has a replacement been found for 50/50 Gardner?

It looks more and more likely that middle linebacker Micheal Barrow (and yes, he spells his first name that way) will be ready to play in training camp. He said he passed a team physical on Friday, but he'll have to wait another two weeks before he's cleared by his doctor in Miami.

Barrow did not practice during minicamp, but did lots of running drills in which he had to plant and turn. He looked good doing those, too.

''I'm running, planting and cutting freely,'' he said. ''I feel great. I'm in the best shape I've ever been in because I changed my diet and my whole workout program. Before I hurt my knee I was one of the best middle linebacker's in the league and I'm fresher because I haven't been hit for so long.''

. . . LaVar Arrington started his running program this week and trainer Bubba Tyer said he can see a difference in the size and tone of his quad. There's no swelling on Arrington's knee. But Tyer isn't sure if Arrington will be limited at all during the first part of training camp.

. . . Safety Andre Lott hyperextended a knee and missed practice. He'll undergo an MRI, probably Monday, to determine the extent of the injury. Hope it's not too bad: Lott is getting married this week.

. . . Defensive tackle Brandon Noble will get his last antibiotic Monday, but the Redskins still don't know if he'll be available at the start of training camp. Noble is recovering from a staph infection. The Redskins trainers have talked to the players about making sure to get every cut and scrape disinfected, particularly if they're using the whirlpool or steam room.

. . . Redskins coach Joe Gibbs cut practice short by about 45 minutes, giving the players a small reward for their offseason effort.

. . . Best catch of the short practice, or at least the portion open to the media: Darnerien McCants cut inside corner Walt Harris on a fly route and jumped up to grab a Patrick Ramsey ball. A nice grab.

. . . Alas, McCants dropped one right in his mitts earlier in a drill with no defender. That happened to him all last summer, too. He dropped as many as he caught, or so it seemed.

. . . A guy who has really caught the coach's eye: middle linebacker Clifton Smith. I've liked him for a long time, but wondered how he might fit in considering how much they want their backups to play all three linebacker spots. Not sure if he can. But always thought he was solid during previous training camps and was a guy who could develop. Watch him closely this summer.

. . . Another one: receiver Antonio Brown. He's small but very, very fast.

''Sometimes what happens is that you see someone with a track background and they're straight-line and have a tough time adjusting to football,'' Gibbs said. ''This guy does not. He's so fast, he has to be one of the fastest in the league. You can be fast but if you're not a good football guy, it doesn't do you any good. He's a good football guy.''

. . . Owner Dan Snyder attended the workout with former CNN anchor Bernard Shaw as well as his young son. His son was wearing a Clinton Portis jersey, for whatever that's worth.

. . . Receiver Kevin Dyson did not practice after tweaking his knee Saturday. He says he's fine.

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