OL to Camp with Dawgs

Zackery Handerson is a good looking offensive tackle prospect that was a standout at the Jacksonville Scout.com Combine in April. He has racked up more offers, and he has been taking in some camps. What's the latest on this 6-7/260 offensive lineman?

"I've gotten new offers from Kentucky, Maryland, Clemson, and Tulsa," said Zackery Handerson. "My favorites are still pretty much the same right now though. I like Florida, Georgia, Vanderbilt, North Carolina, Oklahoma, and Auburn. I've gotten offers from all of those schools except for Florida and Georgia."

Handerson had the chance to work out for the Gator coaching staff last week, and the Georgia staff will get an up close and personal look as well.

"I went to Florida's camp last week. I got to work with Coach Hevesy, and I got to talk with Coach Meyer and Coach Mattison. Coach Mattison is my area recruiting coach, and he's a really nice guy, I like him a lot. I'm up to 260 pounds now, and Florida told me that they just wanted to see if I could get bigger and hold the weight before they offered me a scholarship. I also went to Vanderbilt's camp already. I really liked it there."

"I'm going to Georgia in July. I've been up there twice and seen the facilities, and I know the academic reputation of the school, so the only thing I'm looking to compare and contrast is the coaching staff and program. I want to see what the athletic atmosphere is like for camp."

Handerson has picked up several offers throughout the Spring Evaluation period and beyond, and he is looking to pick up a few more to make broaden his list of options. He already has plenty of options, and he will have many more before all is said and done.

Handerson (Right) Locks up his Man.

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